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Neodymium disc magnets

Strong holding force in small space – our high quality disc magnets utilise their strengths daily in numerous situations. Neodymium super magnets help, for instance, in office, in the home workshop, in print shops or for the classy decoration of the apartment. The strong disc magnets in the industry are equally firmly anchored. Flexibility and force at the same time, this combination of useful properties wins over in professional and private context. The circular shaped supported products score by the fact that in comparison to the normal magnets, they hold considerably more weight. This impressive power results from the high level of magnetisation of the compact all-rounder.

Why self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive round magnets?

Neodymium disc magnets are especially well suited for robust clipping, fixing and locking of material due to their high performance. An iron containing surface, e.g. a metal disc, metal tape or metal stripe or a magnet is needed as a counter piece. And which solution pops up if a super magnet should be installed on a surface which cannot hold it? Self-adhesive magnets – often known as adhesive magnets – help along then. They stick reliably on surfaces such as aluminium, plastic or wood, because they form a resilient bond with them. They are quickly affixed, guaranteeing the reliable holding substrates. Adhesive magnets are everywhere; they function as a part of folders of quotations or presentation documents. Demanding product packaging also counts on a self-adhesive magnetic lock. Reliable in handling, elegant in with respect to visuals and design.

What are the magnetisations, sizes and holding forces of the disc magnets?

We fulfil the wishes of our customers and offer disc magnets in many differentiated gradations with respect to measurements and strengths. Our range is:

  • nickel plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
  • golden
  • copper coloured
  • painted black

All are made of NdFeB and were axially magnetised. The direction of magnetisation runs parallel to the central axis. Thus, the poles are directly on the circular surfaces.

Where are neodymium disc magnets used?

If you take two disc magnets in your hand, you will physically feel their immense power. It is not unusual for the strong pull to cause great astonishment. This results in numerous concrete application possibilities. Virtually the whole area of modern life is interspersed with small magnets: Print shops use tiny disc magnets as closures for envelopes, folders or boxes. Many companies and schools use the round pins on their magnetic walls. Teachers and students can sort information reliably and flexibly as required. Changes pose no problem, because a permanent magnet knows no wear. It easily adapts to new situations. Every product that requires a robust but detachable attachment benefits from the strong disc magnets. The reliable principle works just as well in the textile industry as it does with furniture doors, cupboards or toys. Hobbyists integrate disc-shaped magnets for fine mechanics, industrial manufacturers use them in loudspeakers and motors.