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Everything started with an idea. Inspired by her husband Klaus Schenk's job, Rita Schenk started to sell self-adhesive document enclosed wallets for ring binders and file folders from home in the late 1980s. At this point in time, the company founded by the married couple was called X-SYS - and they stored their stock underneath a corner bench in their home. An increasing number of orders encouraged them to expand the range, and the foundations for today's successful and steadily growing company SPRINTIS had been laid.

In 2001, their son Christian Schenk joined the company. His responsibilities included the marketing of the products. In the same year, the company name was changed to Handelsagentur SCHENK. In 2003, the business became a limited liability company and son Matthias Schenk also came on board.

The wholesale company flourished even more after Christian and Matthias Schenk took over as its executive directors in 2005. Thanks to new ideas and an even more extensive product range, the customer base grew significantly. When Holger Heusinger, who was to become one of the firm's senior officers later on, joined the company in 2006, further important processes were initiated and optimised: the move to larger offices and warehousing facilities and above all the successful start of the online shop, which was one of the first in this sector, proved foresightful and created new opportunities.

Following the company's adoption of the name it goes by today, SPRINTIS Schenk GmbH & Co. KG, in 2009, it was registered as a trademark in 2010 (trademark number 008353914) in order to protect the company name by law throughout Europe. Gradually, more people were employed in all departments, whether customer services, purchasing, marketing, accounts or dispatch. The company has steadily continued to expand since then and has successfully moved onto the international market with English language versions of the online shop and various printed advertising materials. New buildings and alterations to the existing buildings on the company premises are constantly on the agenda to meet the growing demand in terms of employee numbers and storage capacities and to be able to continue to embrace new, exciting challenges. In 2016, the storage capacity was almost doubled by modern shelving systems, for example (room for 6,000 pallets), whilst in terms of the personnel, more jobs than ever before in the company history were created that year. 

Ably supported by Holger Heusinger, Christian and Matthias Schenk are still responsible for the fortunes of this family-run company based in Würzburg which currently employs more than 100 people.

To be continued...


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