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Ferrite magnets have a large volume with a relatively low magnetic force. In comparison to the neodymium magnets, those made of ferrite are cheaper in price. However, they have a lower adhesive force.

Applications of ferrite magnets

The magnets are rust resistant and can be used in outdoor areas without problems. The magnets are rarely used in visible areas. The reason for this is their appearance. The edges do not look as cleanly “finished” as those of the neodymium magnets. Ferrite magnets are also known as fridge magnets in everyday use.

Disc magnets, ferrite, Y35 Disc magnets, ferrite, Y35
✓ different options available!
Block magnets, ferrite, Y35 Block magnets, ferrite, Y35
✓ different options available!

What are ferrite disc magnets suitable for?

We encounter the classic black magnets almost daily and are primarily known from the magnet boards in offices or in the form of a fridge magnet. Generally, ferrite disc magnets are frequently used as easy fasteners. Hence, they are often obscured in decorative articles and turn up in magnetic design objects or magnetic notepads. Basically, ferrite disc magnets are predominantly craft magnets or advertising magnets and less of industrial magnets, which must offer maximum holding force in smaller sizes. In spite of this, ferrite disc magnets can perform quite a bit. You will find ferrite disc magnets with a holding force of up to 2.3 kilograms in MagnetiQ magnet shop. If you are searching for a smaller model, can choose a ferrite disc magnet with a weak holding force of only 115 grams. The smallest disc magnet in our assortment has a diameter of ten millimetres and a height of only three millimetres. This type of magnet can be used to pin light objects such as paper, for instance.

Where are rectangular block ferrite magnets used?

Rectangular block ferrite magnets are used as craft magnets, but are also used as industrial magnets. You will find rectangular block ferrite magnets with a holding force of up to 2.5 kilograms in MagnetiQ magnet shop. You can choose from small rectangular magnets with small dimensions and a minimum holding force, which are popularly used as craft magnets, as well as large rectangular magnets, which are perfectly suitable for weighing down larger objects and devices. All rectangular block ferrite magnets are uncoated and have one half making up the north pole and the other half, the south pole.

How are ferrite magnets formed?

Contrary to the magnets made of neodymium, these are not made of neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), but from magnetic metal oxide. The most important raw materials are iron oxide, barium carbonate and strontium carbonate. These three raw materials are “baked together” at a high temperature (This process is called sintering). The ceramic-like material allows for customised dimensions and shapes. In our product range, we offer ferrite magnets in disc and rectangular block shapes. In the category Office and School, you will also find pin board magnets with ferrite magnets.

The advantages of rectangular block ferrite magnets from SPRINTIS:

  • Withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees
  • Can be used nicely in outdoor area
  • Are perfectly suited for building
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Cheaper in price than neodymium magnets
  • Are delivered well packaged
  • Uncoated and axially magnetised
  • Can be ordered starting from 100 pieces.