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Magnets for screw mounting

Magnets for screw mounting adhere excellently The interested reader can buy neodymium magnets in the form of rings as well as rectangles. Neodymium magnets for screw mounting come in many different variations therefore, they adapt to the needs in day-to-day life. No matter whether large or small magnets - in the large selection, everyone is guaranteed to find the right magnet for screw mounting.

What characterises the neodymium magnet?

In this special magnet is a permanent magnet that exhibits over 50 per cent more power than a conventional magnet. The so-called super magnet thus offers the perfect holding for a multitude of metal objects. Neodymium is strong and that is precisely why it is a readily used material in industry and handicraft, which makes office life and daily life easy. All super magnets can be bought in different designs and sizes, for example, with a diameter of 15, 23 or 27 mm or as a rectangular magnet with the measurements 40 x 20 mm. These magnets have a very strong holding force – the strongest can easily bear up to 12 kg weight. But even the smaller models withstand 3, 6, 5, and 8 kg. They enjoy a long durability and can be used for years.

Magnets for screw mounting are easy to fasten

Magnets for screw mounting can be fastened on soft and hard objects without problems. They do not shift and provide strong hold.

Neodymium magnets | Custom-made Neodymium magnets | Custom-made
✓ different options available!

Screw-on magnets are easy to attach

Screw-on magnets can be easily attached to soft and hard objects. They do not slip and provide a strong hold.

Practicality wins with magnets from the magnet shop

Super magnets make everyday life easier for consumers. Why? Young and old alike enjoy these super magnets, which can be used for work, school, industry, crafts or private hobbies. The adhesion is extremely strong and can withstand many stresses and strains such as temperature fluctuations in everyday life.

What characterises neodymium magnets?

This special magnet contains a permanent magnet that has over 50 per cent more energy than a conventional magnet. The so-called super magnet therefore offers the perfect holder for a variety of metal objects. Neodymium is strong and therefore a popular material in industry and trade, making life in the office and everyday life easier. All super magnets are available in various designs and sizes, for example with a diameter of 15, 23 or 27 mm or as a block magnet measuring 40 x 20 mm. These magnets have a very strong adhesive force - the strongest ones can easily hold up to 12 kg. But even the smaller models can hold up to 3, 6, 5 and 8 kg. They have a long service life and can be used for years.

How do screw-on magnets fit into everyday life?

Screw-on super magnets provide a perfect hold in the kitchen, bathroom, home and crafts. It should be noted that screw-on magnets made of neodymium sit firmly in place. Nothing can slip, which is ideal for attaching kitchen mouldings or in the bathroom, for example. The shower curtain or the holder for towels and flannels are guaranteed to stay firmly in place. Super magnets impress from the very first use. Screw-on neodymium magnets stick almost anywhere. Many metal objects such as paper clips or household utensils can be attached to the magnet. The neodymium magnet ensures perfect adhesion and offers a suitable size for the desired purpose. Good quality pays off, especially if you are looking for an everyday object that will give you many years of pleasure.

Is there a disadvantage to screw-on magnets?

There is no direct disadvantage to this super magnet. If you use a screw-on magnet, you should note beforehand that a hole must be screwed into the wall for mounting. Especially in rented flats, this hole must be closed again if you move out. The neodymium magnets from the magnet shop are an important commodity for private and business customers. The outstanding quality and durability make screw-on magnets the ideal addition for many occasions. We also stock neodymium magnets in many other variants and variable shapes: Sew-in magnets, disc magnets, cone magnets and more.

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