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Rectangular magnets reliably and permanently perform their services in innumerable holding applications. The principle behind it: Due to their extensive and smooth surface, the rectangular magnets form an excellent bond to all magnetic materials. Their shape additionally gives the products a stable character. In direct comparison to the normal magnets, the rectangular rare earth element magnets score with a clearly strong magnetisation level. As a consequence, they surpass the holding force of the known ferrite magnets by around ten folds. The popularity of this product is based on its great price-performance ratio. We offer these magnets as self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive variants in our MagnetiQ magnet shop.

What are the properties and features of the high-performance rectangular magnets?

The properties of height, holding force, the length of the short side as well as the length of the long side interact among the measurements to be noted. The rectangular magnets with exactly same long sides (squares) and examples with a shorter and a longer side (rectangle) must be differentiated. We make square block magnets with intermediate steps in the range of 8 x 8 millimetre to 25.4 x 25.4 millimetre. Rectangular magnets begin in our online shop at 7 x 6 millimetre and end with the values 40 x 15 millimetre. Their holding force starts at 550 gram and reaches up to a strong 20 kilogram. Between the fine value of one millimetre and 12.7 millimetres, the height of the range varies.
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