Pot magnets are characterized by a special holding force. Due to their structure, they only have one holding surface since their magnetic core lies in a metal pot. Their magnetic force is thus amplified in one direction, while the spatial effect of the magnetic field is limited, therefore preventing unwanted magnetization. Pot magnets are very versatile. They are used both for private and industrial purposes and are suitable e.g.

  • for installation in devices and equipment
  • for transporting iron and steel
  • for lifting and relocating heavy objects
  • for indoor and outdoor attachment
  • at trade fairs, sales areas for the placement of posters, special offers and decorative items
  • on construction sites
  • in kitchen and furniture construction
If you wish, you can use pot magnets permanently and make use of their weather resistant and strong holding properties. In the SPRINTIS theme world MagnetiQ you will find pot magnets in very different designs for every application. Here you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.


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