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Hook magnet, neodymium Hook magnet, neodymium
✓ different options available!
Hook magnet, ferrite Hook magnet, ferrite
✓ different options available!
Pot magnet with screw socket, neodymium Pot magnet with screw socket, neodymium
✓ different options available!

Pot magnets - maximum holding force in a small format

Pot magnets convince with maximum holding force at a relatively small size. The holding force of these special magnets is increased by a metal pot. The magnetic core is surrounded by a metal pot so that only one holding surface remains free. The pot thus changes the magnetic flux and ensures that the holding force on this side is increased. Pot magnets can be used flexibly for private and industrial purposes. They are suitable for transporting iron and steel, can be used as gripping magnets or serve as attachment option in outdoor areas. At SPRINTIS you will find pot magnets in various designs in our in-house MagnetiQ magnet shop. Discover pot magnets with hooks, pot magnets with countersunk boreholes and pot magnets with screw sockets and threaded stem. Here you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

What do I need a pot magnet for?

Pot magnets are extremely versatile. They are often used in industrial applications, for example to transport iron and steel parts. They are also frequently used as gripping magnets and can even lift and relocate heavy objects. Another important application is short-term attachment, indoors and outdoors. Since a pot magnet is very strong and can still be released quickly, it is ideal for attachment without drilling or adhesives. Especially at fairs, sales areas and construction sites this feature is a great advantage. The magnets are just as helpful when attaching posters, special offers and decorative items. In addition, pot magnets have long proven themselves in kitchen and furniture construction. If you wish, you can use pot magnets permanently and also make use of their weather resistant and strong holding properties. A pot magnet is particularly strong and compact and suitable for almost any purpose. Pot magnets can also be used in private areas and help you to pursue various hobbies and tasks. Depending on the design, the magnets can be installed and used in a variety of ways.

How do I use a pot magnet?

Pot magnets can be attached in different ways depending on the design. Pot magnets with hooks, for example, can be attached particularly easily. This makes pot magnets with eyelets and hooks particularly suitable for laymen who have not yet worked with pot magnets. Anyone who picks up a pot magnet to screw on can do so with the help of a screw socket and a suitable external thread. Its assembly is fast and durable. Many magnets therefore have an internal thread. Magnets with countersunk borehole also offer the possibility of attaching them with a suitable countersunk screw. Magnets with a threaded stem, on the other hand, can be screwed into a socket and thus provide a permanent hold. If there is no suitable attachment option, pot magnets can also be glued on. When selecting a suitable magnet, please ensure that the holding force indicated has always been measured at right angles to the base.

What choice of pot magnets do I have at MagnetiQ from SPRINTIS?

The selection of pot magnets at SPRINTIS is extremely broad. The SPRINTIS magnet shop offers pot magnets with hooks, pot magnets with countersunk boreholes, pot magnets with screw sockets and pot magnets with threaded stem. In addition, you have the choice of ferrite and neodymium magnets and can choose between different sizes and shapes. Of course, the choice of holding force is decisive and ensures that the pot magnet also fulfils its purpose. You can also find other neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets in our shop.

MagnetiQ – Always the perfect holding power at hand

If you are looking for a simple pot magnet with a hook that is particularly easy to attach and convinces with a holding force of 13 kilograms, you should go for the article MS.TM.HK.20.N38.06. The magnet is made of neodymium and has a steel pot. With its small dimensions of 20 x 29 millimetres, it can be installed almost anywhere. Especially useful: The pot magnet can already be ordered from a small quantity of only 10 pieces. If you are looking for a pot magnet with screw sockets and low holding force, the article MS.TM.GB.13.N38.06 is a good choice for you. The magnet has small dimensions of 13 x 11.5 millimetres and offers an M3 thread. The holding force of 5 kilograms is particularly suitable for attaching lighter objects. The article MS.TM.BO.25.7.38SH.06 is a particularly strong power package. The pot magnet with countersunk borehole lifts up to 19 kilograms with a minimum diameter of only 25 millimetres.

The MagnetiQ theme world – the advantages of a pot magnet at SPRINTIS:

  • Can already be ordered from a quantity of only 10 pieces
  • Is made of neodymium or ferrite
  • Features a high quality steel pot
  • Has a comparatively stronger holding force than normal magnets
  • Available in many sizes and shapes
  • Provides a maximum holding force of up to 19 kilograms
  • Available with hook, screw socket, threaded stem and countersunk borehole
  • Can easily be attached and detached just as quickly
  • Provides permanent hold without drilling or adhesives
  • Can be purchased in large quantities with quantity discount