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Small stick magnets combine performance with a space-saving character. They are often used for teaching purposes or as a part of innovative developments. The useful aids are often used as closing mechanisms or as pin board magnets. We talk about stick magnets only if the diameter is smaller than or equal to the height. Their usage is flexible: On one hand, the rod-shaped super magnets can be easily combined according to our own ideas. On the other hand, it is always possible to segregate them manually. Neodymium stick magnets (NdFeB) benefit from the high degree of magnetism of the material. Compared to popular magnets, they score with increased attractive and repulsive magnetic force.

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What is the measurement and adhesive strength of stick magnets?

The surface of our inexpensive and non-self-adhesive neodymium stick magnets is nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni); it has a silver appearance. The products have been axially (parallel to the height) magnetised. In our Online Shop, you will find customer-friendly prices and an extensive product range with respect to diameter, height and adhesive strength.

  • Choose stick magnets with a diameter between 2 and 10 millimetres
  • The selectable height is 3 to 40 millimetres
  • The performance feature adhesive strength covers the range of 160 grams to 4.1 kilograms

The gradations allow you to select the magnets that are perfect for your usage. Since the range requires less space due to its narrow form, the permanent magnets are perfectly suited for installation in small cavities. Please note that it is possible to send an individual request for the order quantity after selecting the suitable stick magnet. We will be happy to respond to the requirements of our customers.

How is the stick magnet established as a learning magnet in schools?

Besides Ring-magnets, Ball-magnets and horseshoe magnets, the handy stick magnets are a treasure trove of experience for many students. They belong to the classical teacher's need and help to close the gap between abstract physical theory and solid practice. Small magnets enable teachers to teach the principles of magnetism in a playful and risk-free way. They are vivid and easy to handle. Because their strength lies below that of the extremely powerful disc magnets, the forces exerted by the rod magnets are easily controllable. Nevertheless, attraction and repulsion are strong enough to trigger a concise experience in the learner. In practical school experiments, observation and understanding play together perfectly. Experiments are therefore regarded as the ideal form of direct and realistic learning. Stick magnets, for example, can be arranged together in any length - a good example of scalability. The students understand the basic physical principles of magnetism plastically. Effects and forces that are omnipresent in everyday life. The same applies to science and research - for example in miniaturization. Stick magnets therefore function as perfect and proven learning magnets.

What added value do stick magnets offer for hobbyists and model makers?

Neodymium products are indispensable not only in schools or as industrial magnets: Small stick magnets are also suitable as gifts for craft fans and experienced model builders. Both a powerful electric motor and simple fastening solutions benefit from magnetic elements. The inventors develop fascinating applications and functions with the space-saving supermagnets. Be it an original key tree, magnetic chain locks, an individual magnetic wall or even a small magnetic channel to accelerate a ball with invisible forces. There are virtually no limits to creativity and conceivable applications.