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Neodymium magnets | Custom-made Neodymium magnets | Custom-made
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The cube magnets in our online shop are nice to look at: Shape and design are gracefully modern. These magnetic helpers are characterized by their clear design, while these silvery shiny cubes have a high adhesive force, which goes back to the high-performance material neodymium. It is clearly superior to common magnets, which is why the synonymous term super magnet often comes up. Our cubes hold up to 6 kilograms at an edge length of only 12 millimeters. Whether for private use, for use in an ambitious hobby or in an industrial context, here you will find the magnetic cube of your choice.

SPRINTIS cube magnets in action

On a pin board, both ball magnets and cube magnets leave a very elegant impression. At the same time, they attach objects very strongly and reliably, the inconspicuous dimensions of the magnets do not distract from contents of the pin board - SPRINTIS products do their job very well in given context. Attached to a wire rope, cube magnets present individual photos in an appealing fashion. Take advantage of their symmetry for the aesthetic effect of a sophisticated design. As a flexible all-rounder, the cube magnets play their strengths both in private and commercial use.

What are the properties of the cube magnets?

Cube magnets represent a particularly popular type of strong magnets made of neodymium: From a geometric point of view, the cubes offer identical length, width and height, each side offering full magnetic force. Its symmetrical design convinces with a harmonious character, the form itself subtly builds onto positive experiences of the past. This explains the positive connotation that occurs on a psychological level with private and commercial customers. Depending on the application, different dimensions and features are required. For our customers we have cube magnets available with the following features:

  • The super magnets are coated with nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni), this coating gives the cube a metallic shine. Due to a favorable relation between price and performance, nickel is the best option to protect neodymium from oxygen. If untreated, the rare earth metal can oxidize. A thin protective layer prevents this process from occurring while not exerting any influence on the superior adhesive force of the respective magnet.
  • We offer the neodymium magnets in graduated formats so that you can always choose the right cube: These range from very small 3 x 3 x 3mm to 7 x 7 x 7mm and products with the dimensions 12 x 12 x 12mm.
  • The descriptions N42, N45 and N48 describe how strong the magnetic force per volume acts in the respective magnetic material. In addition, the marking N states that the axially magnetized cubes can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C (176°F).

Neodymium magnets with special dimensions

We offer a wide range of neodymium magnets in many dimensions and variable shapes: Disc-magnets, Stick-magnets, Block-magnets, Cube-magnets and many more. Of course, we are always happy to implement special requests of our customers. We therefore offer neodymium magnets in various dimensions in our online shop. Due to a very broad supplier base, we can offer small and large quantities cost-effectively. If you have any special requests or questions about this topic, our product specialists will be happy to help.

What adhesive force do products in the magnet shop have?

SPRINTIS offers adhesive force in six stages:

  1. 290g
  2. 500g
  3. 1.1kg
  4. 2.3kg
  5. 5.0kg
  6. 6.3kg


Orders are possible from 10 or 100 units; we offer larger quantities of tens or hundreds. Please note that the price per product is gradually reducing for larger orders.