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What are magnetic tape stripes?

Magnetic tape stripes are magnets of different sizes, mostly square, which are self-adhesive on one side. The magnetic tape stripes are very thin, those in the magnet shop have a thickness of only one millimeter and are can thus hardly be seen under thin paper, posters or postcards. This makes them virtually invisible, while their strong adhesive strength makes it easy to attach paper and lightweight cardboard to magnetic surfaces. Because of that, they can be removed from surfaces without leaving any residue or can be repositioned together with the paper. Magnetic tape stripes are a practical utensil for the office, but also for everyday use in private households.

Are there any other names for magnetic tape stripes?

Magnetic tape stripes are often referred to as takkis. If you find the name takki on the Internet on a website or in a magnet shop, then this term refers to magnetic tape stripes.

Magnetic tape stripes to attach to timetables, notes and more

You can use magnetic tape stripes to attach any type of paper or light cardboard to a magnetic surface. The magnetic side of the plate is attached for example to a refrigerator or magnetic board while the paper holds securely on the other, self-adhesive side. A popular application for magnetic tape stripes in kitchens is, among other objects, the refrigerator. For those who do not like visible magnets, magnetic tape stripes are the ideal solution for attaching photos, shopping lists, plans and other important messages. But even in the office, magnetic tape stripes are often used. Especially when as much of the attached paper as possible should be visible. Normal magnets can also cover small areas on posters. This is normally not a problem but can be annoying if important information is covered. Magnetic tape stripes are the perfect solution. Their low thickness of just one millimeter also makes them virtually invisible.

Magnetic tape stripes in different sizes

In the SPRINTIS magnet shop you will find magnetic tape stripes in different sizes. Choose between the dimensions 10 x 10 mm, 15 x 15 mm, 20 x 20 mm, 25 x 25 mm and 30 x 30 mm. All takkis have a thickness of one millimeter and are therefore virtually invisible under the attached paper or cardboard. The magnets are self-adhesive on one side and can therefore be attached to any surface. Depending on the type of magnetic tape stripe, these are available either in five sheets of 20 pieces or in 10 sheets of 10 pieces in a polybag. If the magnetic tape stripes available in the magnet shop do not meet your expectations, then please contact us for individual dimensions and quantities.

Are there alternatives to magnetic tape stripes?

Instead of magnetic tape stripes you can of course also use double-sided adhesive tape. However, this has the disadvantage that residues are often left on the surface when it is removed. In addition, it is not so easy to reposition the paper after the initial attachment. This is not a problem with the magnetic tape stripes. Everything that you can attach with the magnetic tape stripes can, of course, also be attached to suitable surfaces with conventional magnets. Office magnets and school magnets such as pinboard magnets, board magnets, magnetic pins, whiteboard magnets and memoboard magnets are suitable for this purpose. However, these magnets are all attached in such a way that the paper is between the surface and the magnet. As a result, the magnets that serve as attachment solution are visible, in contrast to magnetic tape stripes. The advantage of office magnets, however, is that they can be removed from notes, posters and the like without leaving any residue. This is not so easy with the self-adhesive magnetic tape stripes. Magnetic tapes and magnetic foils that can be individually cut to size are another suitable alternative.

Where can I buy magnetic tape stripes?

You can buy magnetic tape stripes in different sizes and designs in the SPRINTIS magnet shop. The magnetic tape stripes are normally available in quantities of 100 or more. Order these practical helpers for the office and household today and attach notes, posters and the likes to suitable surfaces with invisible magnets.