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Strong neodymium ring magnets find their place in a wide spectrum of applications. Many people know the ring-shaped products from daily life, school and work. Their use is superior to the usual magnets, because the super magnets exhibit a strong holding force with small volume. This property predestines it on hand for innovative technical solutions in the industry. At the same time, the shape allows an original application in daily life: The ring-shaped magnets are popularly used as date slide. A glance is enough for calendar orientation. We constantly expand the assortment of magnets in our online shop. Please do stop by regularly, we offer ring magnets in many differentiated strengths and measurements. We work on a solution for every situation.

What should you bear in mind while buying ring magnets?

Among the measurements of round super magnets, the values for outer diameter, inner diameter as well as the height are relevant for the right choice. The two numbers of the diameter (Ø) are separated by a forward slash in the product details. We make various fine gradations: These begin at a trim 6/2 millimetre diameter and end at the larger ring magnets with values of 30/25 millimetre. Thin ring magnets, which must be handled carefully due the risk of breakage thus associated with them, have a height of 2 millimetre. Stronger ranges exhibit values up to 5 millimetre height. The holding force covers the spectrum of 700 gram to a heavy 11 kilogram.
✓ different options available!
✓ different options available!
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