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What should you bear in mind while buying ring magnets?

Among the measurements of round super magnets, the values for outer diameter, inner diameter as well as the height are relevant for the right choice. The two numbers of the diameter (Ø) are separated by a forward slash in the product details. We make various fine gradations: These begin at a trim 6/2 millimetre diameter and end at the larger ring magnets with values of 30/25 millimetre. Thin ring magnets, which must be handled carefully due the risk of breakage thus associated with them, have a height of 2 millimetre. Stronger ranges exhibit values up to 5 millimetre height. The holding force covers the spectrum of 700 gram to a heavy 11 kilogram.

Where are ring magnets used?

Due to their shape, ring magnets can be used for other purposes in a positive sense. Our flat versions are particularly helpful: With their very large inner diameter, they are ideal as date indicators for calendars. On a desk or hanging calendar, they show and accentuate the current day. Even from a greater distance you can see the calendar information very well. Due to its high degree of magnetization, the neodymium material guarantees a reliable and precisely fitting adhesive force for this application. Thus the ring always holds, the shifting succeeds likewise easily and briskly. The contemporary and harmonious appearance of magnetic desk calendars rounds off this useful function of the ring-shaped permanent magnets. We have offers with a height of 2 millimetres and a variable diameter for different calendar sizes.

What are the functions of ring magnets in schools and industry?

Students of many generations know the demonstrative use of ring magnets from school: resourceful teachers present the "magnetic leviation" with two examples. The term describes the levitation caused by magnetism. Two axially magnetised ring magnets made of neodymium are pushed onto a pencil to illustrate the invisible force. For the whole thing to work, the same poles must point to each other. The vertical position of the pin causes the mutual repulsion of the upper magnet to make it float as if by magic. Magnetic rings have become indispensable in numerous social fields: the powerful permanent magnets are regularly used in industry, medicine, model making and workshops.

Are special dimensions possible?

We offer a wide range of neodymium magnets in many dimensions and variable shapes: Disc-magnets, Stick-magnets, Block-magnets, Ring-magnets and many more. In addition, individual arrangements are possible, because the concerns and wishes of our customers are of paramount importance to us. Take advantage of the opportunity to order ring magnets with special dimensions. We manufacture neodymium magnets according to your specifications. Please use the available contact options for this purpose. Our product specialists will then do everything in their power to implement the specifications and offer you tailor-made solutions.