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Many customers have been using magnetic tape for many years, which is available in many colours and sizes in the MagnetiQ magnet shop. We often don't even know where we come across this special magnetic tape in everyday life and at work. Who hasn't seen those flashy depictions on large metal plates? Many of the customers have already stumbled upon magnetic tape as labelling tape on large metal plates and on many whiteboards. Learn more about the function of the flexible magnetic tape!

What makes this magnetic tape so flexible?

The tape can be cut with any household scissors to fit your requirements. The high quality magnetic tape comprises self-adhesive magnetic foil and is easy to unroll. It is a hit when it comes to commercial use - at exhibition stands, for instance.

Self-adhesive magnetic tape Self-adhesive magnetic tape
✓ different options available!
Neodymium magnetic tape, self-adhesive Neodymium magnetic tape, self-adhesive
✓ different options available!
Coloured magnetic tape Coloured magnetic tape
✓ different options available!

For what purposes can the magnetic tape be purchased as a labelling tape?

In the magnet shop, you can find this tape in different variants. Every customer can sift through varied options of magnetic tape as a labelling tape in many colours such as red, green, yellow, white, black, grey or blue and several width dimensions of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 150 mm. The thickness of the magnetic tape is 1 mm. Which means that: This magnetic tape as labelling tape is thin and yet spot-on when it has to fulfill its purpose with colour-coding. This tape is non-self-adhesive and can be labelled with a standard foil pen.

Does the magnetic tape come in any particular sizes that are self-adhesive and provide the best hold?

The self-adhesive magnetic tape provides the best hold in all its facets. The tape acts as a magnet and has a self-adhesive film. Adhesive agents in 3M as well as standard size of adhesive tapes are all equally effective. Both variants guarantee a secure and reliable hold. At the MagnetiQ magnet shop, you will find the self-adhesive tape in all sizes, colours and in various designs. Take your pick ranging from a width of 10 to 50 mm, a material thickness of 1 to 2 mm and different magnetisations. For the magnetisation, you can choose between anisotropic and isotropic, and you will have multipolar magnetisation on one side in either of cases . The strongest magnetic tapes in the magnet shop have an adhesive force of up to 120g/cm². The magnetic tape boasts a long durability and can be stored easily in a compact way.

High durability satisfies in excellent quality

The tape can be procured in various sizes in the magnet shop. You can initially choose between widths of 10 to 30 mm, there is the option of 1 or 1.5 mm in material thickness and the holding force of the neodymium magnetic tape is 320 or even 450 g/cm². Hence, the need-based customisation is no problem. The neodymium magnet, known “as the small holding wonder” enjoys the best durability over a long period of time. The magnetic film retains its sticking strength for many years in the best quality and can be stored anywhere taking little space.