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The conical form of neodymium magnets proves its worth on analogue whiteboards and magnetic boards. Cone magnets combine the field lines on the small circular surface. This results in an impressive permanent adhesive strength, which has great advantage over classic magnets. Notices, charts, notes or even larger graphics are securely fixed with the stub. Therefore, the funnel-magnets play a vital role in the organisation and meaningful structuring of information in offices, schools and companies. Particularly practical: The truncated cone has a proven form, it can be easily loosened and repositioned if required. The useful magnets perform their work in a reliable manner. In our Online Shop, you can purchase multiple types of strong NdFeB cone magnets.

What are the functions of the magnetic ends?

Both sides of a non-self-adhesive cone magnet are usable. The product will help you in multiple application areas: The small circle has an average adhesive strength, it is perfect for pinning notes. When required, the magnet can be easily moved or easily loosened by lateral bending. This will help to update information and schemata quickly and easily. Gone are the days when moving a fixing magnet caused it to fall off. Handling and using are optimised. However, if the large base area is placed on a metallic base, then considerably greater forces act. A higher exertion and some effort is required to loosen the magnets from this base. Hence, the strong side is better for robust fixing of objects with more weight. For example, for fixing information signs or objects, whose position is rarely changed. Thus, this type of magnet, which is often in pairs, can be used very flexibly: Variable on one hand, steady and firm on the other - depending on the customer requirement and purpose.
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