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Neodymium magnets are the strongest in the world, measured in terms of magnetic force in proportion to the volume. For this reason, they also bear the name super magnets. The smallest magnet in our shop has a diameter and height of 1 mm with an adhesive force of 30 grams.

How are super magnets formed?

Rare earth elements (SE) as well as the raw materials neodymium, iron, and boron (NdFeB) are necessary for the manufacturing. The magnets have a porous core and can therefore not be used “raw”. A coating provides the remedy. The most frequent coating is nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni), due to which the magnet shines silver. The cheaper variant is a coating with zinc (Zn). This is characterised by a matt, silver-grey colour. Other alternative coatings are
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • coloured paint
Different directions of magnetisation are feasible in the magnets. In our magnet shop, all neodymium magnets are axially magnetised (the poles lies on the large surfaces of the magnets).

Disc magnets
Block magnets
Ring magnets
Cube magnets
Ufo-disc magnets
Cone magnets
Stick magnets
Ball magnets

Magnet shapes

Magnets made of neodymium come in different shapes. The most common shapes are
  • Disc magnet
  • Rectangular block magnet
  • Ring magnet
  • Rod magnet
  • Spherical magnet
  • Cube magnet

Self-adhesive neodymium magnets

MagnetiQ has the widest range of self-adhesive magnets made of neodymium. The magnet is furnished with an adhesive point with an open tab on one side. Adhesives made by 3M are normally used for this.

Magnetic lock

Mostly, neodymium magnets are used for magnetic locks. The Ufo-magnet presents the most elegant solution in this case. Special highlights in our magnet shop are magnets for screw fitting and those that can be sewn in. Do you want to learn more about magnets? Then you are right to come to our magnet shop!