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Magnetic tapes, magnetic tape stripes and magnetic films are useful aids in the area of visualisation and marking. Our well-assorted magnet shop contains the largest selection of coloured magnetic films, adhesive magnetic tapes, magnetic strips and much more.

Magnetism for adhesive bonding - our magnetic tapes make it possible

A strong self-adhesive magnetic tape is used when the magnetic force is distributed evenly over a surface. Many conventional magnets cannot guarantee this. In the capacity of a tape, it is also ideally suitable for attaching this across a greater length and/or width. The tape can be cut with ordinary scissors. Our standard magnetic tapes demonstrate good adhesive strength. Neodymium magnetic tapes possess adhesive strength of a super magnet. The adhesive strength of these musclemen can be up to 450 g/cm². Magnetic tapes are popularly used in fly screens. When the first rays of the sun lure the first vermin into the house, many turn courageously to fly screens. Fixed with a magnetic tape, the house and office is completely protected against the ingress of bugs.

All-rounder in sheets and rolls - self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive magnetic film

Due to its rubbery nature, a magnetic film can be processed well and can be attached to uneven surfaces. The film is used mainly for the purpose of marking on racks, measurements or presentation boards. Here, you can choose between self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive design as well as from a large colour spectrum at our magnet shop. The strong magnetic films are preferably used in companies and schools. When the sheets are used as magnetic plates, they enable a quick and flexible visualisation on whiteboards, planning boards and metallic bases. The printable magnetic film from the roll is often used as an advertising medium on cars or as an individualised magnetic film for the fridge.

Now it gets colourful with our coloured magnetic tape

A standard foil pen can be used to label the coloured magnetic tapes and for the orientation and marking in the warehouse, in the office or as a labelling system. All the magnetic tapes and magnetic films offered by us must be processed with ordinary scissors and can also be partially stamped.

Magnetic tape stripes guarantee a clean and invisible fastening

Magnetic tape stripes are small magnetized and permanently adhesive plates. Attached to photos, posters they fix them invisibly to whiteboards, magnetic boards and all ferrous surfaces.