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Neodymium magnets for sewing in are no decorative object, rather are normally not visible, since they are sewed in softer materials and hence disappear in the material used. The super magnets, which can be ordered quickly and easily in our MagnetiQ magnet shop on the internet, are more than practical. Sewed in a square plastic cover, the magnets are ideal for sewing in

  • Clothing
  • Textiles
  • Plastic

The magnets are secure against water or such environmental influences in the plastic cover and thus non-corrosive. All metallic objects hold perfectly on the magnets for sewing in. Therefore, you also find a stable object of use, which spreads joy for many years to young and old. There are neodymium magnets of the best quality in various sizes to be bought in MagnetiQ magnet shop. Neodymium magnets win over with their high quality and long service life. They can be ordered in large and small quantities.

What is so special about the material neodymium?

This super magnet provides approx. 50 percent more holding power than a conventional magnet. So the power from this material is considerably higher than when a normal magnet is used. Precisely for this reason, the magnet is a more than important object of use for sewing in, which is used very frequently in household as well as commercially. The super magnet is sewed in to a piece of fabric, which is clipped to a metallic object. Thus, even the light and airy fabrics also do no slip any longer.

Magnets for sewing in various sizes and shapes

Naturally not every magnet can be sewed into any piece of cloth. We offer the neodymium magnets in various sizes in MagnetiQ magnet shop so that the super magnet can also not be seen from outside, but is concealed in the fabric. No matter whether you want to sew in the super magnet in a light costume or whether the magnet shall be used at home and kitchen: You will find the right shape and size for every application, for example, with a diameter of 12 or 18 mm, in the magnet shop. These magnets have a holding force of up to 1,200 or 1,800 g. Since the product pictures mostly look very similar at first glance, the exact measurements must always be checked in the product description before buying.

Daily life becomes easier with neodymium magnets for sewing in

Who has not been annoyed when pinned objects fall off constantly from the metal pin board? Unfortunately, this happens more often with decorative magnets in the form of nice accessories. These normal magnets indeed look colourful and fun, but do not always hold well on the magnetic board or on other metals. Eye-catching magnets are mostly nothing more than a nice souvenir. It’s completely different with super magnets: Due to the high power, everything adheres perfectly. Magnets for sewing in last many years and can be used on all moving parts such as clothing, drapes and Co. Sewed into the plastic sleeve, they even withstand the cleaning in the washing machine. These super magnets can be used over many years since they are protected from environmental influences and hence also withstand temperature fluctuations and water.

Where are Magnets for sewing used?

Since the magnets for sewing in offer a high level of quality, they are readily used professionally in many companies. These magnets can be sewed in well even in work clothes, so that everything sits right on the spot. Magnets for sewing in can also be used in the kitchen or in any children’s room. The school bag is perfectly locked. Every piece of fabric sits on the spot, when fixed with the super magnet. Every consumer can be sure – even he has already used the special neodymium magnets often in daily life, without knowing about it. Many people are already using magnets for sewing in hand bags, shower curtains and clothing since years, without knowing it.

Invisible holding without holes

Why is this small magnet so incredibly valuable? Although it cannot be removed spontaneously since it is sewed in, it does not leave behind larger holes. The concealed super magnet primarily holds excellently in thin fabrics or light costumes. There is no need for buttons. Super magnets are rarely lost if they have been sewed in firmly once. That is exactly why neodymium magnets enjoy a very high popularity. Magnets are an important utensil, which eases a lot many things in our daily life. Super magnets save us a lot of annoyance in daily use if things stick reliably and do not fall off. It is often the small things in life, which make our life easier and hence a whole lot liveable. The small investment in the invisible neodymium magnets from the magnet shop is worth it for almost everyone. Super magnets for sewing in are now a permanent fixture in the daily life.