Our ball magnets are real all-rounders. Best magnetic force in spherical shape. They impress in design and adhesive force. Whether in the business sector or for private purposes - you always make the right choice with our ball magnets. Their application possibilities are almost endless. Main areas of application are for example:

  • Industry
  • Semiconductor technology (Hall sensors)
  • Workshop and craft
  • Office and warehouse
  • School and research
  • Modelling
  • Crafts and play

The look and feel of the ball magnets are attracting: One likes to pick them up and play with their shape and movement. In doing so, one discovers quite specifically their magnetic figures. Behind the playful facet of these shiny silver balls, however, there is much more: They offer concentrated magnetic force. The superior material neodymium lies at the core of the elegant ball magnet. In the SPRINTIS theme world MagnetiQ you will find a large selection of high quality ball magnets for every application.

Ball magnets, neodymium
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