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Are you looking for self-adhesive metal tape? MagnetiQ offers you several types of self-adhesive metal tapes. These are high-quality steel tapes with a strong adhesive tape on the backside. The tapes are so flexible that they can even be attached to curves and corners. They guarantee lasting hold and are extremely durable. With a self-adhesive metal tape you have a versatile attachment option at a comparatively low price. In the MagnetiQ-Shop you will find different metal tapes in different sizes and thicknesses. Stop by and discover a self-adhesive metal tape that is ideal for your project.

Steel tape, self-adhesive Steel tape, self-adhesive
✓ different options available!

Why do I need self-adhesive metal tapes?

Self-adhesive metal tapes can be used in many ways. They are suitable for use in private areas and can be installed in kitchen or corridors as a magnetic wall. Self-adhesive metal tapes are most commonly found in offices and schools. Since the strong adhesive tape on the backside can be attached to almost any smooth surface, it is ideal for attachment on tiles, glass and plastic walls. The MagnetiQ steel tapes are provided with such a strong adhesive that they hold even on rough walls without any problems. It can be attached to pictures, notes and Co. or it can be used to create a division on walls and floors. Since self-adhesive metal tape allows magnets to be attached to it, the tape can be used as an alternative to a memo board. More flexible than an entire magnetic board, it can be attached in pairs and is also suitable for small rooms and areas. Metal strips and counterparts for magnets are also suitable alternatives for attaching magnets.

How do I use a self-adhesive metal tape?

All MagnetiQ metal tapes are sold in meters. Each steel tape is wound up on a roll and is delivered accordingly with packaging. The flexible metal tape can be cut to the desired length with conventional scissors and then attached in just one hand movement. Before each use, make sure that the surface to which the metal tape is to be attached really is clean. Surfaces that are contaminated by water, dust or dirt may limit adhesion. All MagnetiQ metal tapes are 0.15 millimeters thick and thus hardly stand out from the surface. They are therefore also suitable for a hidden attachment.

What choice of self-adhesive metal tape do I have?

The selection of self-adhesive metal tape is large. MagnetiQ offers you high-quality steel tapes in various sizes and colors. The narrowest self-adhesive steel tape is 10 millimeters wide. It is particularly suitable for attaching small and light objects and can perfectly be applied to narrow surfaces. Single-sided adhesive, it is available in silver and can be ordered in a single roll. If you are looking for a wide and eye-catching metal tape, you should choose a steel tape with PE foam. Our wider types are also powder-coated. The widest magnetic tape you can find in our magnet shop is article MS.SB.50.SK.30. The silver steel tape is 50 millimeters wide and extremely durable. One-sided self-adhesive, the 0.15 millimeter thick tape can be applied to almost any surface. All metal tapes are supplied on a roll and are 30 meters long in total. A normal pair of scissors can be used for cutting it.

Your benefits with self-adhesive metal tapes at MagnetiQ:

  • can be ordered from as little as 1 piece
  • is made of high-quality steel and has a self-adhesive backside
  • is available in many sizes and colors
  • can be cut to size with normal scissors and can easily be attached
  • holds on almost any surface and can even be attached to corners and curves
  • delivered in meters (30 meters) and on a roll
  • is available in widths from 10 millimeters to 50 millimeters
  • many types are additionally powder-coated