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The Ufo-disc magnets by SPRINTIS represent the optimal solution for high-quality packaging. This magnet variant is preferably used to seal premium packaging. The discreet implementation of the magnetic closure supports the sophisticated look of exquisite products.

The special feature is their design. The magnet is so cleverly incorporated in the packaging that the disc is invisible and only the magnetic surface is visible. Performance, style and long-term reliability work hand in hand and stand for noble packaging. If you are looking for a contemporary and practical closure for ambitious products, SPRINTIS offers you a tailor-made solution with its Ufo-disc magnets in different variants.

Disc magnet "Ufo" neodymium Disc magnet "Ufo" neodymium
✓ different options available!

Ufo magnets

Magically open and close quality packaging by using SPRINTIS Ufo magnets. But its no witchcraft, the invisible force of our Ufo disk magnets does all the work. A pleasantly discreet look and efficiency characterize these innovative products. Depending on the purpose, our customers are offered a range of self adhesive and non adhesive variants with different heights and polarities in the SPRINTIS online shop. For every application and possible area of use, we offer you a tailor-made solution. Futuristic disc magnets score every day with some real benefits in trade and industry.

Advantages and design of the Ufo-disc magnets made of neodymium

All Ufo-disc magnets are first of all characterized by their eponymous optics: Form and color are reminiscent of exciting science fiction stories. But the concrete achievement - the added value - goes beyond that, because this magnet type is characterized by its high application security. If you are looking for a contemporary and practical closure for ambitious products, these products that remind us of UFOs are an advantageous option. Power teams up with an elegant look, a combination that puts the focus on the product itself. This advantage is greatly appreciated by industrial and commercial customers. The typical design: The magnet is attached on a metal plate and cleverly incorporated into the packaging in a way, that the disc is invisible. The user only sees the magnetic surface. For this reason, the magnet cannot slip out, it remains firmly in place. Even if the package is opened quickly or awkwardly, the implemented magnet performs reliably and stays, where it’s meant to be. Neodymium as a magnetic material ensures SPRINTIS customers that they benefit from the superior force inherent in this material. Performance, style and long-term reliability work hand in hand.

Dimensions, strength and polarity of the products in the SPRINTIS Shop


In order to offer you exactly the right magnet for the respective application, we carry the Ufo-disc magnets in many proven variants with a diameter of 10 millimeters. Their adhesive force is always one kilogram. Please pay attention to the details of our offers regarding other aspects.


  • Dimensions: Choose the height of the SPRINTIS Ufo magnets depending on whether you require one or two millimeters.
  • Polarity: We offer products with north or south pole at the top, choose the required option according to your needs.
  • Attachment: In the online shop we carry both self adhesive and non adhesive Ufo-disc magnets made of neodymium.
  • Magnetic strength: The quality of the neodymium magnets increases with higher N values; our range includes products with the values N35 and N45.

Elegant opening and closing of premium packaging

This magnet variant is preferably used to seal high-quality packaging, for example with champagne. The discreet implementation of the magnetic closure supports the sophisticated look of exquisite products, because only the homogeneous magnetic surface is visible. At the same time, the continuous magnetic force gives the customer the feeling of absolute reliability. Magnetic closures use physical principles, they therefore give the impression of constancy and universality. The strong invisible force of the neodymium has also proven its value in closures and attachments in trades.

Information on order quantity and customer requests

We offer a wide range of neodymium magnets in many dimensions and variable shapes: Disc-magnets, Stick-magnets, Block-magnets and many more. We offer our customers Ufo magnets from 100 units or bigger values of hundreds. As the quantity increases, the price per unit is gradually reduced. In addition, you can request a free sample, make an individual request or let us know in case that you have seen the item cheaper. Feedback and notes are always welcome.

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