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The SPRINTIS adhesive transfer tape is compatible with the ATG system and is suited ideally as a double-sided adhesive tape that can be applied particularly quickly. In combination with a manual tape gun it can be used easily and flexibly. This saves time, money and a lot of muscle power. By means of a tape gun, you can exert even pressure and save yourself from annoying manual cover paper removal. This handy double-sided adhesive tape can be used to attach posters or photos, close packaging and set up promotional materials and sales displays. At SPRINTIS you will find adhesive transfer tapes from Scotch as well as high-quality and inexpensive alternatives in various widths, adhesive strengths and sizes.

What is the special feature of double-sided adhesive transfer tape?

In the everyday life of companies in the advertising materials industry and the assembly industry, the ability to combine different materials with each other is crucial. This can be an extremely time and energy consuming process. With the help of a tape gun this issue is resolved. It allows you to apply adhesive strips precisely, completely waste-free and quickly. To match this solution a special transfer tape is needed. It is very easy to handle. Adhesive transfer tape is indispensable, especially when attaching posters or graphics. It can also be used in bonding and laminating tasks. As a rule of thumb, double-sided adhesive transfer tape consists of a protective paper with applied acrylate adhesive, which is transferred to the surface as a pure adhesive strip during unrolling. Its simple application and high adhesive strength make it extremely versatile and popular. Therefore, it is used more and more for private purposes and often is the first choice of creative hobbyists as well as do-it-yourselfers.

What choice of adhesive transfer tape can I have at SPRINTIS?

SPRINTIS offers a wide range of adhesive transfer tape. Our products are the perfect match for ATG tape guns. Depending on your application, choose the adhesive transfer tape that has exactly the right adhesive properties for your needs. If you are looking for a Best Price alternative, you are well advised with the article DK.ATG.P_P. The transfer adhesive tape is available in widths from 6 to 19 millimeters. If you are looking for complete sets, you should take the ATG starter kit with ATG-900 tape gun and 12 quality adhesive tapes. It has an adapter for 6mm adhesive rolls and can therefore be used as required. The best part: The starter package is already available from a quantity of just one piece. Discover these and many more adhesive transfer tapes now – here at SPRINTIS.

Your benefits with SPRINTIS double-sided adhesive transfer tape:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of only one roll
  • Extremely fast and simple to use
  • Compatible with any ATG system
  • Can be used quickly and easily with millimeter accuracy
  • Adheres to almost any surface and can therefore be used with maximum versatility
  • Available in different widths and strengths
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount