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High-performance packaging tape is indispensable for reliable sealing as well as the safe transport of goods: The cardboard material is reinforced, packaging is sealed and goods can be transported in a protected manner. That is why packaging tapes are among the most frequently used packaging materials in warehousing and logistics as well as in shipping. SPRINTIS offers both high-quality and inexpensive packing tape in various versions. Even if you choose simple non-reinforced or thread-reinforced parcel tape, in transparent or brown – good quality, tear resistance and price are always a given at SPRINTIS. Find out more about the packaging tapes available in our store and purchase the optimal product for securing, transport and shipping. Our product experts are happy to offer advice if questions or individual requests arise.

Design and advantages of high-quality packaging tape

Common packaging tapes consist of a plastic film, which is coated on one side with adhesive. SPRINTIS uses PP film as carrier material. This film is suitable for different adhesive compounds and has advantageous practical properties as well as the benefit of an environmentally friendly production. Since polypropylene is a thermoplastic, it can be modeled as well as PVC. At the same time, polypropylene has a high tear resistance and adhesive strength. Packaging tapes with PP film as carrier material are ideal for light and medium-weight packages.

Should the load be higher, 4-fold thread-reinforced packing tapes offer even more reliability, tear resistance and robustness. Thread-reinforced versions are the ideal solution for safe, fast and professional sealing of medium to heavy cardboards or packages.

A so-called adhesive (primer) forms the basis so that the adhesive mass adheres reliably to the carriermaterial. The respective adhesive then ensures effective sealing. To ensure that a packaging tape can adhere to almost any surface, SPRINTIS offers a choice between acrylic and hotmelt adhesives. These have individual properties and strengths.

Packaging tape with hotmelt adhesive or acrylic adhesive?

The application decides which adhesive variant is to be favored:

  • hotmelt adhesive has an enormous initial adhesive force at normal temperatures. Due to its very short curing time, adhesion is immediate. It is also very suitable for recycled cardboard. Hotmelt is less resistant to very high temperatures or UV radiation, but its strengths lie in its very short, time-saving bonding time at an excellent adhesive strength.
  • Environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive offers high resistance to deterioration. The adhesive tolerates high temperatures and tends to be insensitive to UV radiation. Compared to hotmelt, acrylate has a lower initial adhesive force. Therefore, please note that the respective packaging tape must be pressed on by hand. Acrylic then increases its adhesive strength over time. As a result, packaging and packages can be stored for months on the basis of this reliable permanent adhesion.

High-quality packaging tape for commercial purposes

In order to guarantee highest customer satisfaction, SPRINTIS offers packaging tape based exclusively on high-quality materials: All offers in our online store score points with their high quality – from a technical perspective, the packaging tape cannot tear during taping. Of course some sealing tapes are suitable for packaging tape dispensers. When the workload increases, packaging tape dispensers improve work processes, as speed and efficiency of taping tasks increase significantly. Since the adhesive used in our product range does not dry out, the packaging tape remains flexible for a long time and does not become brittle. The products in the SPRINTIS store fulfill their purpose reliably, even defying certain adverse conditions. Reinforcing, sealing and securing – with high-quality packaging tape this is a piece of cake.

Due to the wide range of commercial and industrial applications, SPRINTIS offers further professional solutions such as double-sided adhesive tape for connecting non-adhesive objects or high-quality spine tape.

Which types of package tape does SPRINTIS offer?

  • Versions: Our assortment includes classic or 4-fold thread-reinforced packaging tapes.
  • Colour: We offer packaging tape in transparent or brown variations. These options fit perfectly to common packaging and make a great visual impression.
  • Dimensions: SPRINTIS offers packaging tapes with a width of 50mm.
  • Reel: 66 meters each.
  • Carrier material: PP film 28 µm.
  • Glue: Acrylic or hotmelt – the packaging tape has strong adhesive properties on one side.

You can also find packaging tapes that unwind quietly and are compatible with packaging tape dispensers in our online range. Note: On request, it is possible to print packaging tapes individually – for example with a company logo for branding or with special optical highlights. Our experts are happy to assist you with ideas and advice.

Buy inexpensive packaging tape

Professional variations and the possibility of customized production form a solid foundation for our customers, from warehousing and logistics, shipping, print and publishing as well as other manufacturers, when it comes to always purchasing the right packaging tape with maximum reliability and performance. Whether quietly unwinding, colored brown or designed transparently – the inexpensive packing tapes with the adhesives hotmelt or acrylic fulfill their purpose to perfection. Order now and benefit from fast delivery.