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Adhesive filmic tape offers an enormously strong adhesive force. In addition, it has an extremely high tear resistance compared to other adhesive tapes and is also very temperature resistant. It is therefore ideal for packaging and can also withstand enormous strains such as heat. This is why it is used in the form of double-sided adhesive tape both in industry and private households and is suitable for gluing and fixing of various objects. At SPRINTIS you will find various adhesive filmic tapes made of PET or PVC. You can choose from different widths, roll sizes and adhesive strengths. Discover adhesive filmic tape in different designs. You are guaranteed to find the right adhesive tape for every need here.

What is the special feature of adhesive filmic tape?

Adhesive filmic tape can consist of different materials and thus have different properties. Adhesive filmic tape is generally made of either polyester or PVC. Especially adhesive filmic tape made of polyester and PVC is extremely tear and abrasion resistant. Its moisture resistance also makes it extremely versatile and ensures that adhesive filmic tape can also be used outdoors. The high-quality plastic material is remarkably robust and durable. Thus, adhesive filmic tape is particularly suitable for permanent bonding and fastening. Another special feature of adhesive filmic tape: Its exceptional heat resistance. Even in high UV radiation and temperatures, adhesive filmic tape remains strong. In addition, this adhesive tape is suitable for numerous different surfaces. Adhesive filmic is most common in transparent design It is also available in white. As an alternative, you can also find tissue tape, fabric adhesive tape, pure acrylate adhesive tape and more in our shop.

What choice of adhesive filmic tape do I have at SPRINTIS?

At SPRINTIS you will find high-quality adhesive filmic tape from popular manufacturers such as tesa and 3M as well as high-performance and cost-effective alternatives. You have the choice of different sizes and adhesive strengths. SPRINTIS double-sided adhesive PET tape is the perfect choice for those looking for a particularly strong, transparent adhesive filmic tape. Here you get an adhesive filmic tape with an acrylate adhesive, which has great properties. It has a material thickness of 200 µm and is therefore ultra thin with outstanding adhesive strength. Alternatively, double-sided PVC adhesive tape is available from 3M with a material thickness of 260 µm or from tesa with a material thickness of 205 µm. In addition, we also offer double-sided adhesive PET tape, which can be ordered on rolls even in the form of sections or punched parts. Take a look around and find the right adhesive filmic tape for every project – here at SPRINTIS.

DuploFLEX POL Plate mounting tape

In our shop you will also find double-sided plate mounting tape for mounting clichés on printing cylinders. Our plate mounting tape with transparent film backing and rubber adhesive is available in various thicknesses from 0.10 mm to 0.30 mm. They are coloured differently so that you can see directly which thickness it is. The rolls are delivered neatly and well protected in individual cartons.

Your benefits with SPRINTIS adhesive filmic tape:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of only one roll
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Can be used quickly and easily with millimeter accuracy
  • Adheres to almost any surface and can therefore be used with maximum versatility
  • Does not smear like glue and does not come out on edges
  • Available in various widths and lengths
  • Available in various adhesive strengths
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount