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Adhesive tape dispensers – properties and use

Adhesive tapes represent a very extensive product line. They are used in industry and trade in various applications. However, the tapes only fulfill their purpose perfectly when they are properly attached. This is exactly what high-quality, modern dispensers are designed for. They can easily be moved from place to place in a production or packaging plant. They ensure time-saving and precise application of adhesive tapes. In practical terms, this assistant reliably holds the inserted tape and cuts it off with pinpoint accuracy using an integrated knife. The range of applications covers everything from daily use in offices and administration to extensive packaging processes in warehouses, production and logistics.

  • Particularly ergonomic tape dispensers fit precisely in one hand thanks to the (rubberized) and ideally shaped handle. This makes them easier to use.
  • The higher the working speed, the greater the risk of injury when cutting the adhesive tape. For this reason, there are dispenser variants with a safety knife or with integrated knife protection: In these models, the built-in knife is shielded as effectively as possible, thus significantly reducing potential risks during work.
  • Specialized dispensers for different types of adhesive tapes are available in the SPRINTIS online store. The product descriptions always clearly indicate which types and widths of adhesive tape, roll cores and outside diameters the respective device is suitable for.

Where are tape dispensers used?

Our high-quality adhesive tape dispensers are used in the following industries and companies:

  • Print shops
  • Paper processing industry
  • Packing plants
  • Bookbinderies
  • Shipping

Tape dispensers are also used in the private sector, for example to seal packaging. The SPRINTIS range also includes processing equipment for adhesive products such as dispensers for adhesive discs, dispensers for adhesive tapes and taping dispensers. This means that our range covers numerous applications.

Which adhesive tape dispensers does SPRINTIS offer?

Since the application possibilities and the types of adhesive tape used are so varied, SPRINTIS offers its customers a selection of high-quality tape dispensers. These provide a professional answer to the respective sizes, widths and materials of the adhesive tapes, taking into account convenient operation and safety. Included are for example specialized dispensers for ATG adhesive tapes, pure acrylate tapes, double-sided tissue adhesive tapes, adhesive films and glue dots. The products are suitable for different widths and roll diameters. They are available in attractive designs: Optics, quality, price, convenient operation and performance always go hand in hand with the tape dispensers from SPRINTIS.

  • Hand dispenser S20: The device is suitable for double-sided pure acrylate adhesive tapes or comparable adhesive tapes up to 1.5mm material thickness and 20mm width. It has a roll guide and an integrated cutting device (manual).
  • Tape gun D25: Dispenser for double-sided tissue adhesive tapes, adhesive films and glue dots up to 25mm width. Suitable for roll cores with a size of 76mm and 25mm – a suitable adapter is included. Upper limit of the roll outer diameter: 140mm.
  • Tape gun D50: ideal for adhesive transfer tapes and double-sided adhesive tapes up to 50mm width. The range is suitable for roll cores with a diameter of 76mm as well as for rolls with an outer diameter up to 140mm.
  • ATG-900 tape gun: The entry-level model allows for processing of double-sided ATG adhesive tapes and glue dots. Including adapter for 6mm adhesive films.
  • Scotch ATG-700: This tape gun is specialized for the professional processing of double-sided ATG tape guns and glue dots.
  • Adapter for the Scotch ATG tape gun ATG-700 for processing 6mm adhesive film.
  • PROFI packaging tape dispenser: Tape gun for packaging tapes with 50mm width. Active knife protection for more safety during operation. Soft handles for optimum handiness and extra comfort.
  • VHB tape dispenser: A hand dispenser with cutting device for double-sided adhesive tapes up to 1.5 mm thickness. The blade is also available individually as a spare parts set.

What are the advantages of a tape dispenser?

  • Exact application of the adhesive tape
  • Consistent thickness and width of the adhesive layer
  • Exact partitioning of the respective adhesive tape
  • Reduction of adhesive tape consumption
  • Fast, easy and economical processing of adhesive films
  • Suitable for industry, office and private use
  • Specialized solutions for different adhesive tapes are available
  • Reliable and robust nature

Buy high quality tape dispensers online

Accurate sealing and packaging work is accelerated: SPRINTIS sells professional hand dispensers, tape guns and packaging tape dispensers. Buy the right tape dispenser online now and benefit from fast delivery.