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Adhesive pads can be used in many ways. On the one hand the double-sided adhesive foam pads act as spacers and buffers. On the other hand they serve as product protection, keep sensitive surfaces and materials from damage during storage and transport. Adhesive pads are therefore regularly used in business – for example in print shops, bookbinderies, and on a daily basis in the display and packaging industry. SPRINTIS offers its online store customers double-sided adhesive pads with high holding force to provide a solution for a wide range of situations. Find out now and choose the best offer. Our product experts will gladly answer any questions in detail and competently.

Design and performance of adhesive pads

Rectangular adhesive pads from SPRINTIS are made of PE foam, which is coated on both sides with high-performance adhesive (acrylate). Since the products have very good immediate adhesive force on smooth and roughened surfaces – such as interior walls – the pads are very suitable for small parts that are to be permanently installed. These include signs, infographics or simple hangers. The nature of the application can be functional or decorative.

Their performance mark an important practical benefit of the foam pads. The initial taping force caused by the targeted imprint increases over time, so that this reliable taping method serves as a permanent solution. The pads are characterized by temperature and UV resistance, good aging properties and resistance to heat and humidity.

Double-sided adhesive pads as adhesive spacer pads and buffer

In principle, adhesive pads made of foam can be used in many different ways. Because they are easy to apply and process, adhesive foam pads are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ideally, adhesive pads act as a buffering spacer pad: The PE foam absorbs tension and pressure and returns to its original shape after stress. During its entire lifetime, the foam absorbs vibrations. Adhesive pads also compensate for different temperature expansions, which can vary depending on the material and ambient temperature. Due to this functionality the products offer a similar protective feature as bumpons. They also ensure the required distance between objects, sensitive goods and sheathing. Therefore, qualitative adhesive pads are often used as adhesive spacer pads and bumpons in packaging and shipping. Print shops, bookbinderies and display manufacturers also benefit from their insulating properties.

Our adhesive pads can be used on many high and low energy surfaces: Examples include metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass and ceramic materials. Of course, our online store also includes other practical adhesive products: Whether it's adhesive strips or elegant adhesive discs – SPRINTIS offers professional and custom-fit products for a variety of applications.

Properties and characteristics of high-quality adhesive pads

Different colors, sizes and material thicknesses allow our customers to use the handy adhesive pads in a wide range of applications. The spacers in the online store have the following properties:

  • Colour: Black or white
  • Size: 10 x 10mm or 20 x 20mm
  • Thickness: approx. 1mm or 6mm.
  • Material: PE foam
  • Glue: Acrylate
  • Number of adhesive surfaces: double-sided adhesive

Additional ease of use as well as the simplest possible handling method are provided by products with an integrated fingerlift: The protruding cover for easy removal ensures that the foam adhesive pads can be used without any loss of time. It could not be simpler.

Which products does SPRINTIS offer?

  • Adhesive pads as spacer pads, 10 x 10mm, strong adhesive on both sides, made of black PE foam, 6mm thick, packed per 100 pieces.
  • Adhesive pads as spacer pads, 10 x 10mm, strong adhesive on both sides, made of black PE foam, 6mm thick, roll of 1,500 pieces.
  • Adhesive pads with fingerlift, 20 x 20mm, rectangular, strong adhesive on both sides, made of white PE foam, approx. 1mm thick, roll with 2,500 pieces.

What are the advantages of adhesive pads?

In summary, these small efficient helpers can impress in trade, industry and are also very practical in the household, offering the following advantages:

  • Adhesive pads can be used both commercially and privately.
  • They can be used as spacers or bumpons.
  • Installation of small parts.
  • It is possible to create 3D effects.
  • Adhesive pads protect goods from damage.
  • Protect sensitive surfaces and materials from scratches and pressure.
  • Strong adhesive performance on different surfaces.
  • Good initial adhesion and strong permanent adhesion.
  • Resistance to environmental influences (heat, humidity, UV light).
  • Essential for storage and transport.

Notes on purchase

We are happy to respond to the needs of our customers when purchasing high-quality adhesive pads. It is therefore possible to start an individual inquiry. We also offer you to order a free sample, because quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority at SPRINTIS. The purchase of larger quantities of flexible double-sided adhesive pads to have in stock is worthwhile: With the increasing number of ordered rolls, the price per roll is gradually reducing. Check our offers now.