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Adhesive pure acrylate tape is regarded as a high-performance industrial adhesive tape. It is particularly temperature and ageing resistant. In addition, it is almost completely resistant to UV radiation and also permanently resistant to many chemicals. This makes adhesive pure acrylate tape the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor application and usable even in difficult conditions. Particularly powerful, it adapts to almost any surface and is extremely stretch resistant. At SPRINTIS you will find adhesive pure acrylate tape in various widths, material thicknesses and lengths. Discover a high-quality double-sided adhesive pure acrylate tape, which is intended for bonding Plexiglas as well as strips and profiles and is also used in the production of visual bonding.

What is the special feature of adhesive pure acrylate tape?

Adhesive pure acrylate tape has an extremely high final adhesive strength. This makes it particularly suitable for permanent bonding and connecting. It can also be used on particularly difficult and demanding surfaces and is therefore frequently used in glass, assembly and furniture construction. Material stresses are actively compensated and the bonding of different surfaces such as glass on metal or metal on plastic is easily possible. An essential advantage here is the possibility to remove adhesive pure acrylate tape from most smooth, closed surfaces without residue.

Adhesive pure acrylate tape can be used to create visual bondings which require adhesive tape to be invisible as well as for mirror mounting and in the production of insulating glass panes. It is also frequently used in aircraft and automotive construction or in the metal and plastics industry. In addition to high transparency, adhesive pure acrylate tapes offer very good resistance to UV influences and do not become yellow. Even with extreme temperature fluctuations, adhesive pure acrylate tape remains as adhesive as necessary and is furthermore resistant to many chemicals.

What choice of adhesive pure acrylate tape do I have at SPRINTIS?

At SPRINTIS you will find high-quality adhesive pure acrylate tape, which is particularly suitable for industrial use. The transparent double-sided adhesive pure acrylate tape has very strong adhesive properties. It features a well visible red cover and has a core diameter of 76 millimeters. Depending on the project, you can order adhesive tape in widths of 6 to 25 millimeters. In addition, you can choose from different material thicknesses between 0.5 and 2 millimeters. This highly transparent tape is made of high-quality pure acrylate. Especially useful: You can order this article from a quantity of only one roll. Discover this one and many more quality adhesive tapes – here at SPRINTIS. As an alternative, you can also find filmic tape, fabric adhesive tape, foam adhesive tape and more in our shop.

Your benefits with SPRINTIS adhesive pure acrylate tape:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of only one roll
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Can be used with millimeter accuracy
  • Sticks even to difficult and demanding surfaces
  • Can be used in the metal industry as well as in aircraft and automotive construction
  • Does not smear like for example glue and does not come out on edges
  • Can be removed from most smooth surfaces without leaving residues
  • Available in different widths, thicknesses and lengths
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount