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What applications is adhesive tape suitable for?

Due to the numerous possible uses, the different variants of adhesive tape are used in a large number of trades and companies. The target group for the adhesive tape categories listed in the SPRINTIS online store is accordingly extensive. It consists mainly of the following key areas:

  • Print shops
  • Packing plants
  • Manufacturers of paper products
  • Providers of displays
  • Producers of packaging
  • Bookbinderies
  • Advertising industry
  • Office suppliers

What types of adhesive tapes does SPRINTIS offer?

In order to meet every demand of our customers, we carry all relevant types and variants of commercially usable adhesive tape in our online store:

  • Spine tape
  • Packaging tape
  • double-sided adhesive tape

Other adhesive products for professional purposes are adhesive discs, adhesive strips and practical adhesive pads. These visually attractive solutions are used, for example, to seal packaging and letters. They also help to elegantly attach advertising material.

Spine tape

When it comes to the effective visual enhancement of booklets, books, catalogs and brochures, spine tape should be the first choice. With just a few hand movements, annoying staples and bindings can be concealed. The printed product creates a better impression within a short time. At the same time, the spine tape helps to strengthen the respective book spine. All in all, the self-adhesive tapes create a very attractive appearance for the products, while at the same time noticeably optimizing the stability and durability of printed products.

SPRINTIS offers a wide range of self-adhesive spine tapes. This includes different materials, colors, adhesive strengths and widths. As a result, there are differences in haptics and optics, which means that for various applications in the office and marketing, ideally suitable products are available in the online store. Special visual highlights are achieved by spine tapes with a finely grained surface or a linen structure. Thanks to the selectable color of the adhesive tapes and its structure, it is possible to adapt the tape to the respective surface. Coated spine tapes round off the design options.

Packaging tape

Single-sided adhesive packaging tape is used for reliable sealing of packages, it is needed for transport and shipping, secures deliveries and packages on a daily basis. SPRINTIS offers its customers a high-quality selection of reliable packaging tapes with a width of 50 millimeters in various designs. Whether in the color brown or in a transparent design, the single-sided, strong adhesive PP packaging tape seals packages in the best possible and correct way. It is also possible to purchase 4-fold thread-reinforced packaging tape with a particularly resistant nature in the SPRINTIS online store. The adhesive used for all products is either acrylic or hotmelt.

All regular offers include rolls of 66 meters: This means that we have the ideal packaging tape for every task in stock. Tear-resistant as well as permanently adhesive tapes protect contents and goods even if the packaging travels long or even unsteady distances. Custom-made products can also be arranged upon request. This makes it possible to produce packaging tapes according to precise specifications and customer requirements – for example, individually printed or with a logo for promotion and branding. Larger orders are really worthwhile: With increasing quantities of ordered rolls, the respective price per roll decreases.

Double-sided adhesive tapes – from adhesive transfer tape to cloth tape

Double-sided adhesive tape enables easy taping and permanent attachment. The big advantage: The big advantage is that the adhesive neither flows nor protrudes below the edges – this distinguishes this type of taping from glue or liquid adhesive, for example. This allows for quick and precise work without excess adhesive. In practical terms, the double-sided adhesive tape is cut by hand or machine. There are double-sided adhesive tapes for almost every surface, such as metal, concrete, wood, plastic, paper or glass, which adhere ideally due to their properties optimized for the respective surface.

Besides the flexible use in private households (example: laying of carpet), double-sided adhesive tape is not only popular in the production of office supplies, but also in almost all branches of industry. Whether handicrafts and decoration, assembly and production – double-sided adhesive tapes are indispensable. The high-quality assortment of SPRINTIS therefore includes an enormous selection: Different materials, designs, sizes and varying adhesive strengths ensure that the best possible product is always available for every application. The category of double-sided adhesive tapes contains several subcategories:

  • For example, adhesive transfer tapes are used in the advertising materials industry and in clothing companies to bond different materials together. The combined use of adhesive tape dispenser and transfer tapes saves time and effort, and enables fast application. At SPRINTIS the adhesive transfer tapes are compatible with the ATG system.
  • Adhesive film tapes made of PET or PVC have a very strong adhesive holding force and an extremely high tear resistance. Due to its enormous heat resistance, this resistant version is ideally suited for packaging.
  • The adhesive foam tape stands out with its soft, shock-absorbing and voluminous properties. Because it is flexible and adaptable, this double-sided adhesive tape type compensates well for height differences. This makes adhesive foam tape ideal for mounting mirrors and other objects.
  • Cloth tape stands out due to its universal nature: With its good tear resistance, it can be used on almost all flat and uneven surfaces. In practice, it is often used for general repair work. Different types and widths allow for the flexible use of the tapes, which are generally reinforced with textile fabric or fabric made of extremely tear-resistant
  • Pure acrylate adhesive tape is highly resistant to temperature and aging. Because this high-performance version is also resistant to UV radiation and many chemicals, it is used as a resilient industrial adhesive tape. The use as outdoor adhesive tape is also easy – even under difficult weather conditions.
  • Fingerlift adhesive tape in different adhesive thicknesses can be applied particularly easily and quickly. The product name comes from the protruding fingerlift, which guarantees comfortable removal. SPRINTIS products have a double-sided protruding cover for maximum ease of use.

Buy multifunctional adhesive tape

Our adhesive tapes are equally simple and effective resources for packaging, protecting, taping and attaching. The wide selection in the SPRINTIS online store covers the diverse requirements of the market, including various double-sided adhesive tapes, packaging tape and spine tape. Our product specialists are happy to assist you with advice and support.