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Intended use of adhesive discs

Adhesive discs are part of day-to-day processes of printing companies, print processors, letter shops, packaging manufacturers, as well as the advertising and industrial sectors. They are an essential part of business. The adhesive discs are used in various contexts. SPRINTIS products therefore represent the right product for numerous purposes:?

  • Adhesive discs are used to seal mailings, flyers and packaging. As reliable as they hold to close properly, detachable adhesive discs can also be removed again easily. This process is time-saving and practical.
  • Application of product samples and product specimens in magazines and advertising flyers. Inserts and business cards are also attached with the self-adhesive discs in an elegant and reliable way.
  • Types with strong adhesive force are very suitable for bonding, attaching and mounting. They protect the contents and can even repair small accidents (cracks).
  • Visually, coloured adhesive discs are used for efficient marking, identification and labelling. This makes them useful, for example, in the context of office organization.

Due to the many scenarios, SPRINTIS offers transparent adhesive discs, double-sided adhesive discs, glue dots, coloured discs and fabric adhesive discs in graded quantities in its online shop. Adhesive discs for manual processing as well as products for dispensers are also integrated in the range. Of course, we carry processing equipment for adhesive products such as tape guns or label dispensers.

Which variants can be purchased in the SPRINTIS Shop?

Since the commercial applications for these useful adhesive discs are so varied, our shop offers proven variants of the adhesive discs. These are explicitly geared to the commercial needs of our buyers. The adhesive discs in the shop differ in the following features and characteristics:

  • Single-sided or double-sided adhesive discs.
  • Choice from colourless to colourful: transparent, white or coloured.
  • Sensibly graded diameters guarantee that small, medium and large adhesive discs are in stock.
  • Various and tried and tested carrier materials – for example in the form of glue dots
  • The shop offers adhesive strengths from easily removable to permanently adhesive.
  • SPRINTIS carries round and rectangular shapes of adhesive discs.

Buy high quality adhesive discs

Our shop offers companies and customers from different industries all kinds of adhesive discs for business, office and shipping. Coordinated dimensions, shapes and conditions ensure that our offers exactly match individual demands. The different subcategories guarantee that our customers are served to their fullest satisfaction. Whether it’s transparent adhesive discs, double-sided adhesive discs, glue dots, coloured adhesive discs or fabric adhesive discs – SPRINTIS offers a professional solution. For the consideration of individual concerns and requests, simple contact options are integrated on our website. We always find a solution with and for our customers.