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What is the special feature of adhesive foam tape?

First of all, double-sided adhesive foam tape is ideal for compensating height differences and avoiding tensions and gap tolerances. It can also be used as a light suspension while connecting different materials. Adhesive foam tape also has an enormously high initial adhesive strength and adheres to almost any surface. Unlike other adhesives, it can even be applied to polypropylene and polyethylene. Due to its particularly adaptable and soft character, adhesive foam tape is perfect in its use as a universal mounting tape, which guarantees a secure hold especially on structured and slightly rough surfaces. It can also be used to minimize and prevent noise. As an example, it can be used to mount mirrors and external fixings. It is used both indoors and outdoors for fixing signs and other objects and is an adhesive tape with maximum insulating and resilient properties.

What choice of adhesive foam tape do I have at SPRINTIS?

At SPRINTIS you will find a great selection of high-quality adhesive foam tape. You can, for example, opt for the double-sided adhesive tape made of PE foam, which is provided with a very strong acrylate adhesive. It can be ordered in widths from 9 to 50 millimeters and in thicknesses from 1, 2 and 3 mm. This ensures a strong and reliable hold, especially in bathroom and kitchen. The white type is usually preferred in these areas of application. If you wish, you can also opt for the PE adhesive foam tape in black. It can be selected in different widths from 9 to 25 millimeters and is available from a quantity of only one roll. If you have a greater need, you should take advantage of our attractive volume discount from SPRINTIS and provide sufficient adhesive foam tape for your current tasks. As an alternative, you can also find filmic tape, fabric adhesive tape, pure acrylate adhesive tape and more in our shop.

Your benefits with SPRINTIS adhesive foam tape:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of only one roll
  • Can be used quickly and easily with millimeter accuracy
  • Has insulating, height-compensating and resilient properties
  • Sticks to almost any surface, even polypropylene and polyethylene
  • Does not smear like for example glue and does not come out on edges
  • Available in various widths and adhesive strengths as well as in two colour types
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount