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What are some applications for self-adhesive bumpons?

The SPRINTIS range of elastic bumpons combines advantageous material properties: In principle, the bumpons adhere to all clean and grease-free surfaces, thus performing their respective functions permanently and without slipping. The UV-resistant material made of polyurethane elastomer protects commercial products and household furniture from wear and tear thanks to its flexibility. Since it prevents unwanted contact, which could provoke damage to the surface. Protective bumpons, also known as bumpons, give many objects and equipment a better, vibration-insulated and non-slip stand. In practical terms, the products thus act as spacers, protective bumpons or stop buffers in many industries such as in shipping, packaging and marketing, stationary retail and print shops. Numerous possible applications and examples illustrate the advantages of the strong adhesive bumpons in business and at home.

  • Self-adhesive bumpons offer products protection against damage caused by slamming, bumping or scratching. This advantage as a protective buffer is clearly evident when shipping sensitive contents, for example.
  • Because the material absorbs vibrations, elastic bumpons dampen the operating noise of a device and consequently reduce the noise pollution in the environment.
  • In the household, black or transparent bumpons are often used as spacers or stop buffers. They protect drawers, doors, cabinets or windows from unnecessary wear and tear and damage.
  • If you need inconspicuous non-slip pads or a solid base, a set of transparent elastic bumpers is an excellent, visually appealing solution.
  • Self-adhesive bumpons are also helpful as effective dampers, for example for speakers.

Note: SPRINTIS also offers a wide range of other practical adhesive products such as adhesive pads, adhesive strips or elegant adhesive discs.

Shapes, colors and sizes – Product properties of the protective bumpons

In order to provide customer-oriented solutions, the SPRINTIS online store offers proven shapes, colors and sizes of the bumpons. Whether as a protective buffer in industry and trade or for effortless use at home – the matching products with the following properties can be purchased here:

  • SPRINTIS offers the self-adhesive shapes disc, hemispherical and trapezoid.
  • Whether transparent or in the multi-compatible color black, the elastic bumpons made of PU elastomer fit perfectly into the respective context.
  • Diameter and dimensions: Disc (8, 10, 19 and 12.7mm), hemispherical (8, 10, 16, 19, 6.4 and 11.1mm) and trapezoid (12.7 x 12.7 x 3.1mm).
  • Custom-made and strong adhesive bumpons are available upon request.

Buy self-adhesive bumpons online

In addition to the advantage of fast delivery after the purchase of the required bumpons, SPRINTIS also offers the possibility to order free samples in advance. Contact us now.