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Adhesive strips are as easy as they are time-saving to use. Numerous application possibilities underline the universal character of double-sided adhesive strips. SPRINTIS offers strong and very strong adhesive versions in varying dimensions – suitable for small and large tasks. The products are all based on high-quality carrier materials. They are used in small and craft trades as well as in print shops, bookbinderies, with packaging manufacturers, in store and trade fair construction and many other industry sectors. High-quality double-sided adhesive foils are an inexpensive and effective way of taping different types of material. Find out about the features and applications of double-sided adhesive foils now and select the best offer. Our product experts will gladly answer individual inquiries tailored to you and in detail.

For which applications are adhesive strips suitable?

Many commercial occasions call for the use of products that are as inconspicuous as they are reliable. The double-sided adhesive strips serve their purpose elegantly as well as inconspicuously. On the one hand, the practical adhesive foils are used in small and craft trades. The strips are used, for example, to quickly attach light objects – such as mirrors. As a transparent, clear lamination film, the adhesive strips are often used for mounting photos, prints, graphics, plans and posters – they put images perfectly in the limelight.

Furthermore, double-sided adhesive strips are ideal for taping printed items and advertising materials. Every day, these inconspicuous adhesive products show their worth in the areas of shipping and packaging, print, marketing, media production, promotion and advertising.

Advantages of double-sided adhesive foil

With the double-sided adhesive strips that SPRINTIS offers in its online store, the best material and performance properties come together. The strong force of the adhesive strips allow their versatile, cross-industry use: Diverse materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, wood or plastic can easily be taped with the double-sided adhesive strips. A big advantage is the uncomplicated and time-saving handling of the double-sided adhesive foils.

In terms of dimensions, our customers can choose between varying small formats as well as a large-format, double-sided adhesive foil measuring 700 x 1000mm. Large formats help, for example, to professionally attach prints or photos to plates or posters.

Acrylate is used as adhesive. This synthetically obtained adhesive has a high resistance to aging and temperature and is also insensitive to UV radiation and oxidation. That is why acrylic adhesive is the first choice for almost every type of foil. Depending on the purpose, it may also be wise to choose a different carrier material for the adhesive foil. SPRINTIS therefore allows you to choose from different carrier materials, two adhesive strengths, three colors and two different covers.

Our extensive online store naturally includes other qualitative adhesive products such as adhesive pads, protective bumpons or elegant adhesive discs. We cover all requirements from business, trade and household, offer reliable solutions for small and large projects at a fair price.

Selectable properties of the double-sided adhesive strips from SPRINTIS


  • 15 x 80mm
  • 40 x 110
  • 19 x 202mm
  • 700 x 1,000mm

Carrier material

  • Tissue
  • PE foam
  • PET film
  • pure acrylate

Holding force

  • strong / strong
  • very strong / very strong


  • Acrylate


  • transparent
  • highly transparent
  • white


  • white silicone paper
  • white foil cover (protruding)

Note: For quick and easy manual processing, some of our double-sided adhesive strips are equipped with a protruding cover. This makes removal and the entire use even more comfortable and time-saving.

Which products does SPRINTIS offer?

The following offers of double-sided adhesive strips are included in the SPRINTIS product range. For some articles there is the option to order a free sample for testing. This information is shown in the specific product information.

  • Sections of double-sided pure acrylate adhesive tape, 15 x 80mm, highly transparent, thickness approx. 1mm, strong adhesive on both sides.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape, PET film, stamped parts (cut to cut), very strong adhesive on both sides, transparent carrier material, format: 15 x 80 or 40 x 110mm, packaged in 100 pieces or available as a roll with 1,000 or 2,500 sections.
  • Mirror adhesive tape as adhesive pads made of white PE foam, cut to cut version, strong adhesive on both sides, format: 19 x 202mm, thickness 1mm, roll with 2,630 sections.
  • Adhesive foil double-sided in large „UP“ format, on sheet, 700 x 1,000mm, strong adhesive on both sides, packed in 100 pieces.

Buy double-sided adhesive strips

We offer commercial solutions for a wide range of possibilities to use double-sided adhesive strips. Whether small craft or larger advertising campaigns – different formats, optics, adhesive strengths and carrier materials ensure reliable application. The purchase of larger quantities to have in stock pays off: As the number of double-sided films for bonding increases, the price per unit is reduced. Order now and benefit from prompt delivery.