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Anti-slip tapes are suitable for making certain surfaces non-slip and thus preventing accidents. To protect employees, visitors or the public space, the adhesive tape can be applied quickly and easily to many different surfaces. For example, the anti-slip tape adheres to surfaces such as metal, glass, ceramics, wood, marble or plastic.

Anti-slip tape, black Anti-slip tape, black
✓ different options available!
Anti-slip tape, transparent Anti-slip tape, transparent
✓ different options available!
Anti-slip tape, black/yellow Anti-slip tape, black/yellow
✓ different options available!

Product properties of anti-slip adhesive tapes

Anti-slip adhesive tapes (also called anti-slip tape) can be used in many different ways. The adhesive tape consists of a PVC carrier tape coated with mineral granulate. The anti-slip adhesive tapes at SPRINTIS all have a fine corundum granulate coating with a grain size of 60 grit. Thanks to the self-adhesive underside, the anti-slip adhesive tapes can be quickly attached to various surfaces. The strong acrylate adhesive ensures that the tapes adhere reliably to various surfaces such as metal, glass, ceramics, wood, marble or plastic.

Use of anti-slip tape

Prevent slip accidents by applying anti-slip tape to all kinds of surfaces. The adhesive tapes are suitable for making floors such as tiles or concrete non-slip, but also stairs, ramps, stages or platforms. The anti-slip adhesive tapes from SPRINTIS are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can therefore also provide protection outdoors or in rainy weather. The black and yellow striped version is also suitable as warning tape to mark thresholds or steps. Anti-slip tapes are also often used to secure loads during transport. The anti-slip surface ensures that loads such as furniture, pallets or boxes stay in place.

Advantages of anti-slip tapes

We have different types of anti-slip tapes in our range, all of which are convincing due to their versatile applications and product quality.

  • High temperature resistance from -30° to 100° C
  • Particularly resistant to weather influences such as UV rays, heat or rain
  • Resistant to cleaning agents, solvents or oils
  • Durable even under heavy foot traffic
  • Easy to apply to clean and dry surfaces.

Anti-slip tapes from SPRINTIS

In our range, you will find different types of anti-slip tapes:

  • Roll size: roll with 18 m
  • Colour: black, transparent or black/yellow striped
  • Width: 25 mm, 50 mm or 100 mm.

Find the right version for your needs and order easily online at SPRINTIS. You can benefit from interesting quantity discounts from an order quantity of 4 rolls.