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The choice of double-sided adhesive tape at SPRINTIS is extremely diverse. For example, you can opt for a variety of adhesive transfer tapes, which can easily and conveniently be applied with the ATG tape guns. At SPRINTIS you will also find tape guns suitable for adhesive tapes with a width of up to 25 millimeters and up to 50 millimeters as well as a hand dispenser with integrated cutting function. Fingerlift adhesive tape is just as easy to use. Made of high-quality tissue, it is available in various widths and lengths. If you are looking for a transparent adhesive tape, you should use our double-sided adhesive pure acrylate PVC or PET tape. Some variations in appropriate thickness can even guarantee a completely seamless and almost invisible bond. A double-sided adhesive PE adhesive foam tape with insulating and resilient properties is suitable for attaching signs, panels and scales, e.g. in the POS area. Available in black and white, it adapts perfectly even to rough and textured surfaces. In addition, we also offer adhesive cloth tape, filmic tape and adhesive tissue tape. Here you will find the right double-sided adhesive tape for every project.

Double-sided adhesive tape - simple bonding and fixing

Double-sided adhesive tape is perfect for clean and durable bonding of different materials. In contrast to glue and liquid adhesives, the adhesive does not smear and does not come out on edges. Double-sided adhesive tape can be used flexibly and easily and can be cut by hand or machine with our type A1200. It is often applied in the production of office supplies but can also be used in private households. At SPRINTIS you will find a large selection of different double-sided adhesive tapes. You have the choice of adhesive tape in different materials, designs and sizes. Stop by and discover a simple and effective tool for bonding and attaching.

What is the special feature of double-sided adhesive tape?

While liquid adhesives are known to come out on edges, double-sided adhesive tape allows for precise work without excess of adhesive. The application is completely uncomplicated and can be carried out quickly. That is why double-sided adhesive tape, also known as double adhesive tape, is used just as frequently in private households as in industrial or commercial environments. Another special feature of double-sided adhesive tape: It can be assembled quickly by hand and adjusted to an accuracy of one millimeter. While one side is protected by a cover strip, the other is exposed and can be applied directly to various materials and surfaces. Then the other side is uncovered, and a second adhesive surface is revealed. This enables permanent as well as short-term bonding of various materials and objects.

What can I use double-sided tape for?

Double-sided adhesive tape is often used with office supplies. For example, it serves as a closure for mailing bags or as attachment option for the folding flaps of sales folders. It is also frequently used in private households. The big advantage of adhesive tape: It is extremely versatile. For example, some adhesive tapes can be used to attach objects to smooth surfaces. Others can be removed without residue and thus serve as a temporary option. Depending on requirements, double-sided adhesive tape can be used to permanently bond two elements together or to temporarily attach objects to something. It can therefore be used in handcrafting and decorating as well as for assembly and manufacturing. Some double-sided adhesive tapes are designed specifically for certain surfaces: metal, concrete, wood, plastic, paper, glass, game boards and many other surfaces. Popular means of use include bonding of bathroom tiles or fixing of carpets on concrete floor.

Your benefits with SPRINTIS double-sided tape:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of only one roll, depending on the variation
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Can be used quickly and easily with millimeter accuracy
  • Adheres to almost any surface and can therefore be used with maximum versatility
  • Does not smear and does not come out on edges
  • Can be detached without residue, depending on the selected type
  • Available in various widths and lengths
  • Available in various adhesive strengths
  • Large selection of adhesive filmic tape, adhesive tissue tape, adhesive cloth tape, adhesive foam tape and much more
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount