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If you want to package and protect long contents such as posters, calendars or cables, then tubular foil is the perfect choice for you. The very flexible material wraps these products securely as well as perfectly fitting. Especially useful: With clips or a hand sealer, this packaging can securely be closed or even hermetically sealed. Choose the required width and material thickness from our range in the SPRINTIS world of packaging and shipping. We offer you foil packaging on the reel in numerous proven formats. 

Advantages of packaging with tubular foil

In case of long and narrow products, using an appropriate and protective wrapping for shipping is a priority. In this context, tubular foils offer several advantages:

  • For various longer products, such as pipes, tubular foil acts as the best possible protective packaging. It is based on the recyclable material polyethylene (PE) and protects the packed contents reliably against external influences. These include, for example, moisture, fluctuations in temperature or dust particles.
  • Polyethylene also offers good physical protection during shipping thanks to its robust and tear-resistant properties. The material resists minor impacts and possible friction when being stowed.
  • From a hygienic point of view, this type of packaging is also advantageous in many other areas of application. The sealing results in a hermetically-sealed inner space and no unwanted particles can get through the plastic and affect the contents. So efficient at protecting, so easy to unpack: The packaging is torn open easily.
  • Plus point efficiency: Proper packaging is considered cumbersome. From an environmental point of view, it is an additional burden. The length of the tubular foil, however, is based on the dimensions of the contents; it therefore convinces as an efficient solution. This method of precise proportioning avoids unnecessary waste. In regard to shipping, only as much packaging material will be used as necessary. A practical way of reducing costs.

Which formats does the SPRINTIS online shop offer?

All offers in the SPRINTIS online shop are based on your needs, the dimensions of products and our many years of experience. That’s why we offer foils and flat bags in many proven formats: They range from very narrow to broad dimensions. These variations make it possible, for example, to equip cables or posters with a custom-fit protective cover.

  • We carry tubular foils with a finely graduated width of 50 to 700 millimeters.
  • We offer a selection of thicknesses of the tubular foil material between 50 and 100 µm.
  • The transparent PE film provides a clear view of the packaged product. If desired, use this modern way of shipping goods in a visually attractive fashion.
  • Flat bags with an open narrow side are particularly suitable for shipping rolled posters and wall planners.

Wishes and pricing

For special variations of the tubular foil, our product specialists offer you custom-made solutions. Free samples offer you the possibility to inform yourself in detail in advance. Benefit from the graduated pricing for larger order quantities in our online shop. We are happy to respond to your demands; therefore, we offer you the possibility of individual requests. No request is neglected.

Buy tubular foil from SPRINTIS - Your added value:

  • Large quantities in stock
  • Custom-made solutions on request
  • Comprehensive advice on all requests about shipping and packaging