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Header bags are the ideal packaging for light and flat items that you want to showcase in the best light. Thanks to its euro hole hanging, the bags and their contents can be offered in an eye-catching way. At the same time, the header bags protect your goods from dirt, dust, moisture and other types of soiling. In the SPRINTIS world of packaging and shipping, you will find header bags in different sizes for different contents. Upon request, custom designs and individual imprints are also possible. So, you are guaranteed to find the right header bag for the presentation of your product.

Header bag for optimal presentation

The header bags from the SPRINTIS shop offer the best possible presentation of flat and lightweight products. Popular contents for header bags are, for example, magazines, surprise bags, balloons, cards or small items such as jewelry and craft accessories, office supplies or magnets. Header bags can be used for a variety of purposes. They are used in many different industries and have become an indispensable presentation element for many retail product groups. The products are usually fed from below through the flap with self-adhesive strip. The self-adhesive strip is resealable and can therefore be easily and simply closed after filling the header bag.

Which products are suitable for header bags?

Everything that is not too heavy and rather flat may be placed in a header bag. One of the most common uses for header bags is at magazine stands. Here, the upper part of the bag has an imprint most of the time and often a small present for the reader is enclosed, which could not be added so easily to the magazine without the bag. Header bags are also popular when it comes to packaging small parts. The transparent bags present the goods attractively and clearly and at the same time ensure that nothing is lost. Well-known products here include stickers, small-scale handicraft supplies or screws and dowels.

Can header bags only be filled once?

All header bags at SPRINTIS are equipped with a resealable flap with self-adhesive strip. This means that the header bags can theoretically be reused after their first use. However, you should note that with each opening and closing of the closure, the self-adhesive strip can become slightly weaker and thus lose their durability. For this reason, the header bags are only partially reusable. In addition, header bags are often used in retail, where the bag and its contents become property of the customer when sold. This prevents reuse as well. If you do not use the header bags for products that are for sale, but instead, for example, display your logo and company name or identify specific areas or groups of goods using the header bags, then it is of course possible to exchange the printed labels inside. Since the weight of content in this instance is relatively low and the self-adhesive strip is not exposed to any great stress, you can reuse the header bags several times without any problem.

Header bags in different designs

The header bags from SPRINTIS are available in many different designs. Choose header bags with sizes of 80 x 110 mm (C7), 110 x 155 mm (C6), 155 x 215 mm (C5), 115 x 220 mm or 215 x 310 mm (C4). Normally, each header bag is equipped with a 30 mm wide flap with self-adhesive strip, a 30 mm wide hanging edge and a 5 mm wide cross welding seam. All header bags are equipped at the top with a euro hole for hanging. The opening with self-adhesive strip is always on the opposite narrow side. As an alternative, you will find flat bags, bags with flap, stand-up bags and more in our shop.

Custom-made products possible

If the types of header bags in the SPRINTIS shop are not the right ones for you, then do not hesitate to contact us for a custom order. Custom-made products are available in individual formats, with different film thicknesses and types of foil. Above a certain quantity, the header bags can also be individually printed, for example with your logo or company slogan. We’re here to help you find the perfect header bag for your products.

Your advantages in the SPRINTIS shop:

  • Header bags are available in different sizes and designs
  • They protect the content reliably
  • You can also place a custom order of products with individual dimensions and prints
  • Our products can be purchased in bulk with volume discount

Browse the SPRINTIS shop and find the right header bag for your needs. In this way your products are presented to the customer in the best possible way.