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Secure packaging with stretch film from SPRINTIS

Packaging and load securing made easy with stretch film from SPRINTIS. The film adapts to the shape of any object and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether for moving, securing goods for transport, securing pallets and boxes or securing suitcases before travelling by plane - there are virtually no limits to the use of stretch film or packing film. The sturdy packaging material protects your goods from external influences such as dirt and moisture. Thanks to its transparent nature, barcodes can also be easily scanned through the film. The flexible stretch film moulds to any shape and ensures that everything fits tightly. The adhesive effect means that no additional adhesive tape or sealing material is required to secure the film at the end.

Which is the right stretch film for you?

Basically, hand stretch film and machine stretch film differ only in their material thickness, but not in their intended use. Machine stretch film is basically the same product as hand stretch film, just wound onto rolls in larger quantities so that they don't have to be changed so often. These heavy rolls would be somewhat unwieldy for manual use. This is why hand stretch film is smaller and more manageably proportioned. The packaging film for machines has a slightly higher material thickness, but both products are still suitable for the same applications, such as securing pallets.

Hand stretch film for smaller deliveries

Hand stretchfilm is ideal for bundling small deliveries or packing lighter packages securely for transport. Whether by hand or with the help of a film dispenser, with the flexible packaging film your goods are wrapped in no time at all and well secured for transport. The hand stretch film can be used universally and is suitable for quickly securing pallets, cartons or sharp-edged and pointed goods.

Machine stretch film for every purpose

Heavy loads require a strong and puncture-resistant film. With machine stretch film from SPRINTIS, you are on the safe side! They are very elastic to minimise consumption, but no less tear-resistant despite their high stretchability. Secure and stable load securing and transport packaging where nothing can slip!

Your advantages with SPRINTIS

Whether you need hand stretch film or machine stretch film, you will find the right product for your needs at SPRINTIS. Thanks to our large stocks and short delivery times, you will receive your goods quickly and reliably. Order conveniently online now and look forward to fast delivery!

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