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Resistant parcel tape is indispensable for smooth and safe transport. It reliably seals packaging and ensures protected transport of the shipped items. Parcel tapes are therefore indispensable for shipping and logistics. The parcel tape is available at SPRINTIS in different versions: it can be selected in different colours, materials and designs (thread-reinforced or non-reinforced). Quality and price match at SPRINTIS. You are welcome to ask our customer advisors about the parcel tapes available in our shop and discover the right product for your safe transport.

Value of professional parcel tape

The parcel tape from SPRINTIS is unique because PP film is used as the carrier material instead of the usual plastic film. This has the advantage that it is suitable for various adhesive compounds and also features an environmentally friendly production. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic material that is very tear-resistant and has above-average adhesive strength, which makes it particularly suitable for light and medium-weight parcels.

For heavier cardboard, 4-fold thread-reinforced parcel tape is suitable for even higher reliability and durability.

Alternatively, the environmentally friendly paper parcel tape for packing parcels and cardboards is new in our range.

The right parcel tape for every surface

You can choose between two different adhesives so that your parcel tape adheres to almost any surface and the respective application: Acrylic and Hotmelt. These have different properties and strengths.

  • Hotmelt adhesive is very suitable for recycled cardboard, has an enormous initial adhesive strength at normal temperatures. However, this adhesive is less suitable for extreme temperatures. The advantage here lies in the time-saving transport time with the best adhesive strength.
  • Environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive offers high resistance to deterioration. The adhesive tolerates high temperatures and tends to be resistant to UV radiation. Compared to hotmelt, acrylate has a lower initial adhesive force. Therefore, please note that the respective packaging tape must be pressed on by hand. Acrylic then increases its adhesive strength over time. Packages and parcels can consequently be stored for months on the basis of this secure permanent adhesion.

Excellent for commercial purposes

SPRINTIS only uses high-quality materials, quality is the top priority here. Of course, many sealing tapes are suitable for parcel tape dispensers. So even with an increased workload, the pace and efficient operation can be further improved.

SPRINTIS has other suitable solutions in its range such as packing list envelopes or packing cartons, which are ideal packaging materials and can be sealed with professional parcel tape.

Range of parcel tapes at SPRINTIS

  • Types: Our assortment includes classic or 4-fold thread-reinforced packaging tapes.
  • Colour: We offer packaging tape in transparent or brown variations. These options fit perfectly to common packaging and make a great visual impression.
  • Dimensions: SPRINTIS carries parcel tapes with a width of 50mm.
  • Roll: 66 metres each.
  • Carrier material: PP film 28 µm.
  • Paper parcel tape as an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Adhesive: Acrylic or hotmelt – the packaging tape has strong adhesive properties on one side.

It is also possible for us to print parcel tapes individually, for example with a company logo or branding for special emphasis. Our customer service team will be happy to help with useful ideas and information.

Inexpensive parcel tape

You can purchase parcel tape in a wide range of options and functionalities with maximum reliability and efficiency here at SPRINTIS at a reasonable price. Order now and benefit from fast delivery!