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Cross bottom bags, OPP foil Cross bottom bags, OPP foil
✓ different options available!
Cross bottom bags, OPP foil, stars Cross bottom bags, OPP foil, stars
✓ different options available!

Cross bottom bags used for customer gifts and presentations

Cross bottom bags are the ideal packaging for companies who want to present small product samples to their customers or investors. Due to the transparent foil, the contents can be admired even before opening, and at the same time, the packaging makes the product sample or other goods look very special. Simple, transparent cross bottom bags are suitable for the professional presentation of products for potential business partners or customers. If you would like to package customer gifts, for example, for Christmas, Easter or a company anniversary, in the SPRINTIS Shop, you can choose not only a simple variation of a cross bottom bag but also one printed with stars. Especially on festive occasions such as Christmas, the golden stars give your gifts that certain something. If you send the cross bottom bags with their contents to the lucky recipient by mail, then make sure that everything is also packed in a stable way so that the shipment looks just as attractive when unpacking it as when packing it.

Can food be stored in the cross bottom bag?

The cross bottom bags you will find at SPRINTIS are food-safe. This means that the materials of which the bags are made of are safe and harmless when in contact with food. Nor do you need to be afraid that the smell or taste of the food changes when using the bags. This applies to the simple, transparent cross bottom bags as well as to those printed with stars. For this reason, the food-safe plastic bags from the SPRINTIS shop are not only suitable for wrapped goods or product samples, but also, for example, for loose biscuits or chocolates. This makes the cross bottom bags an ideal companion at trade fairs or other major events, where you want to distribute small tokens of appreciation. So, there are no limits to your creativity when filling the bags.

How are the cross bottom bags closed?

The cross bottom bags by SPRINTIS are open at the top on the narrow side. You can close the cross bottom bags in different ways, regardless of size or variation. The so-called clipband ties offer a simpler and quicker closure. The paper with integrated wire can be weighed as desired and the cross bottom bags can be closed looser or tighter as required. A closure with gift ribbon is a real eye-catcher. This variation is particularly suitable for cross bottom bags with golden stars for when you want to wrap small gifts.

Cross bottom bags transparent or with stars

In the SPRINTIS shop, we offer you transparent cross bottom bags, unprinted or printed with golden stars. With the unprinted variations, you can choose between different sizes to find the cross bottom bag that exactly matches your product. The cross bottom bags with stars are also available in different sizes, such as 95 x 160mm, 115 x 190mm, 145 x 235mm or 180 x 300mm. All cross bottom bags that you find in our shop are not glued but rather closed with a sealed seam.

Cross bottom bags - your advantages in the SPRINTIS shop:

  • cross bottom bags in different sizes and designs
  • protect the contents reliably and are food-safe
  • high-quality: sealed seam instead of glue
  • quality packaging for every content
  • Our products can be purchased in bulk with volume discount

Package product samples, other goods and small tokens of appreciation in the cross bottom bags from the SPRINTIS online shop. Customers, business partners and the like will surely be pleased about an attractively packaged present.