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Features and functions of the hand sealers from the online shop

Offered widths between 150 and 400 millimeters ensure that the models outlined here offer solutions for different seal lengths. All devices have an integrated cutter with a sharp blade that can easily, quickly and precisely cut off the foil behind the sealing. This saves you time and also reduces unnecessary loss of material. hand sealers thus play an important role in the efficient use of flat bags and tubular foils. We carry the following high-quality models in our SPRINTIS online shop:

  • Hand sealer 200HC: Suitable for a seal length of up to 200mm, this model offers an integrated cutter.
  • Hand sealer 300HC: This product offers a max. seal length of 300mm and is equipped with a cutter.
  • Hand sealer 400HC: This product manages a seal length of up to 400mm and also comes with an integrated cutter.

What are the benefits of hermetically sealed packaging?

An airtight closure comes with a lot of benefits during transport and shipping. First of all, airtight packaging generally has hygienic advantages. Sealed products are efficiently protected against penetrating moisture and dirt particles. For example, those of us who send large-format posters for advertising purposes must ensure that they are not exposed to moisture. Posters can otherwise make waves and thus lose quality when in contact with moisture. As a rule of thumb, all sensitive products benefit from this form of protected shipping. At the same time, the hermetic sealing of tubular foils made of PE, PP and OPP by means of a hand sealer increases the recipients’ trust in the contents. Customers get the impression of holding an untouched product in their hands. Especially in a professional context this leads to a relevant psychological aspect. Air-tight packaged contents in flat bags and tubular foils are protected against a considerable number of problems. Sealed packaging can protect against the following environmental factors:

  • High humidity and the corresponding risk of corrosion
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Grab marks or even greasy fingerprints
  • Spray and rainwater
  • Dirt particles
  • Dust particles
  • Soot
  • Viruses and Bacteria

Hand sealers help with the efficient use of packaging materials

With the offered hand sealers, you can easily and reliably close pre-made flat bags. With the tubular foil from the roll and the corresponding equipment, many customers create their own – and thus individual – foil bags Since the finished product is separated by means of the cutter, material consumption is reduced significantly. Hand sealers increase thrift, an important aspect in regard to the careful handling of resources. The goal: To create tailor-made and airtight packaging with a minimum of foil; product protection and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

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