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The drawstring bag convinces with its quick handling. It can be used for storing, transporting and picking of small parts and is closed with just one pull. Thanks to the transparency, the contents of the bag can be directly recognized and at the same time sufficiently protected against dust, dirt and moisture. This versatile product can be used for cosmetics, electronic equipment, screws, nails and the like. In the SPRINTIS world of packaging and shipping, you will find various drawstring bags in different sizes and designs.

What's so special about a drawstring bag?

A drawstring bag is usually made of transparent film and impresses with its quick handling. It can easily be opened and closed with just one movement. Thanks to the practical drawstring, it can also be reused as often as you like. Since it is almost always made of transparent material, the content is directly visible. Thus, goods can be presented beautifully, but at the same time also protected from dust and external influences. SPRINTIS drawstring bags are made of polyethylene and are therefore 100% recyclable. This makes them ideal for environmentally conscious companies and consumers.

What is a drawstring bag used for?

For most people, the drawstring bag first comes to mind in connection with packaging of jewelry and cosmetics. It is often used as a kind of gift packaging and at the same time protects the goods safely against dust, dirt and moisture. But a drawstring bag can be used for much more. Depending on material thickness and size, a drawstring bag can also be used to package and ship larger items such as books, mobile phones or electronic equipment. The simple closure offers great advantages and bags with drawstrings are therefore still the most commonly used storage option in the industry until this day. They allow for a quick check of the contents and can therefore be used during product inspections or exhibitions. Especially in sales areas where chargers, smartphones and other electronic devices are sold, drawstring bags can always be found.

What types of drawstring bags are there?

The selection of drawstring bags is remarkably versatile. One of the most famous drawstring bags is the garbage bag. Garbage bags are the best example of how useful and handy drawstring bags are. They can be filled quickly and closed with just one movement of the hand. This ensures that the contents do not fall out. At the same time, the bag can easily be carried by means of the drawstring. The same goes for many shopping bags or laundry bags. They also have a drawstring and are therefore extremely easy to handle. A drawstring bag can generally be produced from any material.

What choice of drawstring bags do I have at SPRINTIS?

At SPRINTIS you will find drawstring bags in the following designs:


If you are looking for a small drawstring bag made of PE film, the product KZ.100120.PE50 is exactly your right choice. This drawstring bag has minimum dimensions of 100 x 120 millimeters and is open on its narrow side. It consists of PE foil with a material thickness of 50 µm and is completely transparent. The largest drawstring model at SPRINTIS is product KZ.400570.PE50. With a size of 400 x 570 millimeters, even larger objects fit into it. It is also open on the narrow side and comes with a practical drawstring. Since it is 100 percent recyclable, it has an imprint with a recycling symbol. All drawstring bags at SPRINTIS can be ordered from a quantity of 100 pieces.

Your benefits with PE drawstring bags at SPRINTIS:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of 100 pieces
  • Can be opened and closed with one hand movement
  • Can be used extremely versatile
  • Are available in different sizes and designs
  • Can be reused as often as desired
  • Are available in a size of only 100 x 120 millimeters up to a maximum of 400 x 570 millimeters
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount