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What do you need shipping bags for?

At SPRINTIS we offer you shipping bags with permanent closure for single use and bags with flap that can be resealed. A shipping bag is used to ensure the safe shipment of goods and documents. It is mainly used when shipping catalogues, brochures or documents. Depending on requirements, a shipping bag with a permanent flap closure or one with a resealable flap can be used. The bag with flap and permanent closure is mainly used to protect against misuse or replacement of the contents. Especially with confidential documents or valuable goods, a closure with self-adhesive flap is highly useful. Although a shipping bag is also suitable for private use, it is mainly used in sales and offers space for brochures, advertising material and mailings.

What types of bags with flap are there?

The selection of bags with flap is extensive. One of the most frequently used shipping bags is the bag with flap and self-adhesive strip. There are two variations of this bag, one with a permanent adhesive flap and one with a resealable flap. Once a bag with permanent adhesive flap has been used, it cannot be used again. This bag is sealed with adhesive and therefore needs to be damaged to open it. A resealable bag with flap, on the other hand, can be used multiple times. An adhesive ribbon is attached to the flap of such a bag, which is covered with a foil or paper strip. Once the product is put in the bag with flap, the protective strip can be removed. Following, the bag can be closed by pressing the two sides of film together.

What materials are bags with flap made of?

Most bags with flap are made of polypropylene, PE film or OPP film. Straight bags with flap made of polypropylene, PP for short, are very popular because the material is known for its high resistance. PP can withstand almost all fats and organic solvents and is also resistant to alkalis and acids. In addition, polypropylene is odorless and skin-friendly. Therefore, bags with flap made of PP are also used in the food or pharmacy industry. Thanks to its high transparency, it is possible to immediately recognize the contents of this shipping bag. Another advantage of polypropylene: It can be recycled and is therefore environmentally sound. SPRINTIS bags with flap made of PE film are also transparent and offer optimum protection for important documents and goods. They are extremely durable and are being used to send magazines, jewelry or other documents. If you are looking for a non-transparent shipping bag, you are well advised to use a bag made of coex film. Thanks to a special process, a high-quality multi-layer film is produced, which is enormously elastic and resistant. Shipping bags made of coex film also score with their very low weight and are especially suitable for shipping confidential documents and goods.

What choice of bags with flap do I have at SPRINTIS?

The recloseable bag made of high-quality PE film has a practical self-adhesive strip. It can be chosen in different material thicknesses and is available in a variety of sizes. The smallest format measures 70 x 100 millimeters, while the maximum size is 500 x 700 millimeters. It provides a completely transparent view of the contents and is therefore particularly suitable for public documents. If you are looking for an opaque bag with flap, you should choose the PE coex foil model. This bag is completely opaque and can be closed safely and permanently. From an order quantity of at least 100 pieces, we also offer bags with flap made of PP film or individual custom-made products. You are welcome any time to contact us regarding prices and details. Alternatively, you can find zip lock bags, flat bags, slide lock bags and more in our shop.

Your benefits with shipping bags from SPRINTIS:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of 100 pieces
  • Are often recyclable and protect the environment
  • Available with permanent closure and with one-time closure
  • Can be used extremely versatile
  • Are available in different sizes and designs
  • Are made of PE, PP, OPP, PLA and coex foil
  • You have the option to place a custom order as required
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount