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When it comes to shipping food and other sensitive content without sacrificing its features, it is best to turn to high-quality doypacks. If the bag has been additionally sealed, notches simplify tearing. Its handling and benefits convince many customers on a daily basis, that is why the stand up pouch is also gaining more and more importance in the non-food sector. In the SPRINTIS shop, you will also find numerous variations that are food-safe. In our SPRINTIS online shop in the world of packaging and shipping, we offer numerous affordable variations. Here, you will find the best possible offer for every request. Variations of stand up pouches made of compound materials:

  • Food: food-safe and aromatic
  • Non-food: packaging and storage, for example, of very small parts
Stand up pouch with aroma valve Stand up pouch with aroma valve
✓ different options available!
Biodegradable stand up pouches Biodegradable stand up pouches
✓ different options available!
Stand Up Pouches kraft paper Stand Up Pouches kraft paper
✓ different options available!
Stand Up Pouches transparent Stand Up Pouches transparent
✓ different options available!
Stand Up Pouches highly transparent Stand Up Pouches highly transparent
✓ different options available!

Which types of stand up pouches does the SPRINTIS shop offer?

Since this packaging system has established itself as a modern all-round solution, numerous variations make shipping easier. Here, you will find doypacks in proven sizes, materials, colours and with extra features:

  • Colour: Our opaque stand up pouch is available in black, brown, silver and white. You can also purchase a transparent bag.
  • Format: Fine gradations of the outer size allow for the perfect choice for every content. You only use as much packaging material as necessary. The eight gradations range from 85 x 140 mm and 180 x 290 mm to the largest format of 300 x 370 mm.
  • Closure: We carry doypacks with zip lock.
  • Compound: Numerous compound variations offer the packaged product the perfect protection, please note the exact details of the types we offer.
  • Address window: If required, you can also buy a stand up pouch with address window in the online shop.

What advantages do the popular doypacks offer?

Stand up pouches are among the fastest-growing packaging systems. Their practical use ensures that their distribution will continue to increase in the near future. Especially their flexibility, comparatively low material costs as well as low own weight represent advantages. In addition, their handling is easy. Tear marks simplify opening and minimize effort. Overall, doypacks are characterized by a very high level of customer acceptance. Standup bags shape expectations while setting standards for modern storage options. Alternatively, you can find cross-bottom bags, zip lock bags, bags with flap and more in our shop.

Stand up pouches by SPRINTIS:

  • Made from a compound of high-quality materials:
    • Durable
    • Ideal for your purpose
  • Easy to open in all variations
  • Are available in different sizes and designs

Stand up pouches – packaging with added value

Another advantage is the possibility to customise: Depending on the function and the required properties, materials such as PET, PP, OPP, aluminum or kraft paper (PAP) are used. Make use of long-proven designs. SPRINTIS focuses on the best possible performance. That is why a standup bag is highly resilient despite the low price. In practical terms, the lightweight stand up pouch protects the respective contents from drying out and at the same time from external influences. Due to their odorless and tasteless materials, all variations declared as food-safe guarantee to preserve the genuine aroma. Some variations can be closed as often as required thanks to zip lock, which allows for a long-term fulfillment of the product's purpose.

Which products are the stand up pouches suitable for?

Generally, the doypack convinces with a wide range of applications. Many product types are regularly packed in a standup bag. The following should be mentioned:

  • Skin care & cleaning products
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Sweets
  • Pet food
  • Tea & coffee
  • Beverages
  • Electronics

Order quantity and contact

We offer you the possibility to order 1000 standup bags. If you need more then you can order bigger values of thousands. Use our service for potential questions and concerns. We are happy to respond to your requests.