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Flat bags are perfect for packaging and storing a wide variety of products. The bags made of high-quality plastic protect their contents permanently against dust, dirt and moisture. In addition, flat bags can be filled very easily and thanks to the transparent material, the interior can be recognized immediately. Thus, goods can be examined without opening or destroying the packaging. In the SPRINTIS world of packaging and shipping, you will find a large selection of flat bags:

  • in different materials
  • in different sizes

Choose a flat bag that is perfect for your project or ask for a special order customized to your wishes!

Flat bags | Custom-made Flat bags | Custom-made
✓ different options available!
Flat bags, ecological PLA film Flat bags, ecological PLA film
✓ different options available!
Flat bags, PE foil Flat bags, PE foil
✓ different options available!

What do you need a flat bag for?

Flat bags are used very differently. They can be used both for packing, storing and transporting goods and are suitable for almost any type of content. Depending on the model, a flat bag can be welded or open. Thanks to the transparent look, the contents in the bag are presented perfectly. Thus, flat bags are particularly convenient at trade fairs and venues. They protect its contents and, at the same time, give full insight into the secured goods. Most flat bags have an easy-to-use opening and can easily be filled by hand. Therefore, the bags are also suitable for bulk materials and liquids. Alternatively, you can find bags with flap, drawstring bags, slide lock bags and more in our shop.

What types of flat bags are there?

The selection of flat bags is great. Thanks to their durable material, flat bags can be used multiple times. Normally, flat bags are made of polypropylene or polyethylene. At SPRINTIS you will find bags made of PE film, PP film and OPP film. Depending on the purpose, the different materials offer different benefits:

  • Polypropylene: PP film, resistant and strong
  • PE film: Polyethylene, particularly resistant to moisture
  • OPP film: highly transparent film with high strength
  • PLA film: sustainable and ecological

You are also welcome to order flat bags as custom-made products from us.

What choice of flat bags do I have at SPRINTIS?

If you are looking for a simple flat bag made of PE film, the product FB.PE will be the right one for you. This transparent flat bag can be chosen in various dimensions and is available starting at a size of 40 x 60 millimeters up to a maximum of 800 x 1200 millimeters. Thus, it is suitable for very small as well as large goods and can be used tremendously versatile. In addition to size, you also have the choice of different material thicknesses. While lightweight products are sufficiently protected with a material thickness of 25 µm, a material thickness of 120 µm is recommended for heavy or bulky goods. If you are not happy with the offered selection, you have the possibility to have a flat bag made according to your wishes. We will inform you about prices and availability. As a sustainable alternative to our bags made of PE, PP and OPP, SPRINTIS also offers flat bags made of PLA film, which is obtained from natural raw materials and is renewable and compostable.

Your benefits with flat bags from SPRINTIS:

  • Can be ordered from a quantity of 100 pieces
  • Made of high-quality PE, PP, PLA or OPP film
  • Can easily be opened and closed and used as desired
  • Can be used extremely versatile
  • Are available in different sizes and designs
  • Can be chosen in different thicknesses
  • You have the option to place a custom order as required
  • Can be purchased in bulk with volume discount