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Glue dots function as permanently adherent or easily removable double-sided adhesive discs that securely hold different objects in place. Especially advantageous: These adhesive discs and adhesive strips adhere immediately and do not need time to dry. They are therefore ideally suited for numerous applications in print finishing and bookbinding, in printing companies and letter shops as well as in the advertising industry. Whether for the adhesive closure of packaging, the temporary attachment of advertising materials or the attachment of plastic cards: The double-sided glue dots always guarantee a visually attractive business solution. In the SPRINTIS shop we offer different sizes, shapes and adhesive strengths for all important applications. Order the required variant now.

Practical for many purposes – possible applications of double-sided glue dots

In addition to tried and tested products such as double-sided adhesive discs and transparent adhesive discs, SPRINTIS also offers other attachment options in its product range. Self-adhesive glue dots and strips, for example, offer the following advantages:

  • Simple and elegant sealing of mailings, flyers and packaging.
  • Glue dots hold various objects in place without damaging the surface. Excellent solution to fix advertising materials, product samples, product specimens or inserts in magazines reliably with the option to detach them easily again.
  • Attachment of plastic cards – for example bank cards, cheque cards, voucher cards or business cards – to letters and postcards.
  • Because glue dots stick immediately, there is no need to wait until the adhesive material has dried. This saves time and contributes to efficient work processes.
  • Non-toxic and solvent-free – double-sided adhesive discs are well suited for indirect food contact, they comply with FDA regulations
  • The easy and clean processing of discs and strips guarantees optimal handling.
  • Glue dots with light or medium adhesive strengths can be removed without residue from suitable surfaces without great effort. No annoying residues remain on the materials. Function and aesthetics go hand in hand when using the removable glue dots.

What types of self-adhesive discs and strips does SPRINTIS offer?

In order to have answers ready for every consumer demand, the glue dots are available in the following variants:

  • Removable, semi-permanent and permanent glue dots are available in the shop. The designations weak, medium and strong correspond to the adhesive strengths just mentioned.
  • SPRINTIS carries self-adhesive discs both for manual use and for use in processing equipment – for example in a tape gun.
  • Glue dots can be delivered in a practical dispenser box with fold-out stand, on sheets or for the ATG tape gun.
  • Glue dots or glue strips? Different shapes ensure that the design and shape of the products always match the customer's requirements. You can choose between dots or strips.
  • SPRINTIS offers glue dots with diameters of 6mm, 8-10mm, 12mm and 15mm. Removable, semi-permanent and permanent adhesive strips are available in the dimensions 10 x 30mm. These proven sizes are available in quantities from 480 to 5,000 pieces in bags, boxes and on rolls. For every business you will find the right offer.

Buy removable and permanently adhesive glue dots

Glue dots serve as both inexpensive and reliable adhesive discs for various applications such as attaching cards, samples or product specimens. SPRINTIS quickly delivers the double-sided adhesive glue dots without waiting time in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the type, the glue dots have a removable, semi-permanent or permanent adhesive character. Whether you are a printing company, bookbinder, advertising company or lettershop – we offer our customers high-quality products with high standards. For questions and wishes, use the contact possibilities of our shop.