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Whether for marking, attaching or sealing packaging, envelopes etc. - coloured adhesive discs are particularly versatile in use. Self-adhesive discs are ideally suited as marking points in the office, in logistics as identification points, as coloured marking labels in retail stores or in the area of project management in the context of teamwork with flipcharts etc.

In the SPRINTIS online shop, coloured adhesive discs are available in different colour variants and with different diameters, so that the right offer is shown for every application and every industry. If required, we produce the coloured adhesive discs according to the individual customer requirements. The SPRINTIS product specialists are available for comprehensive advice!

Coloured adhesive discs made of paper Coloured adhesive discs made of paper
✓ different options available!
Coloured adhesive discs waterproof Coloured adhesive discs waterproof
✓ different options available!

What ways of application are coloured adhesive discs suitable for?

Coloured self-adhesive discs prove to be an ideal means of marking documents and project sheets, for colour coding shelves and other filing systems such as drawers, cupboards and folders. Therefore, coloured adhesive discs are not only suitable for warehousing and logistics, trade, office organisation, industry and print processors, but also for all activities in which the use of coloured marking labels appears to be useful. The use of coloured identification points is a simple but effective measure to ensure clarity and clearly structured allocations. A special feature of the paper discs is that they are suitable for direct food contact with dry, non-fatty food. Suitable for:

  • Marking
  • Attaching
  • Sealing

The paper adhesive discs are permanently adherent. They are characterized by their strong adhesive properties on clean, smooth surfaces such as paper, metal, wood, plastic and similar materials. Example applications:

  • colour coding: Project planning, calendar, price or shelf marking
  • Can be used in logistical processes in a warehouse and for incoming goods, for inventory and picking
  • Support in the entire manufacturing process in industry
  • Office management: Organization of objects, documents or folders

What are the product characteristics of the marking discs?

In the SPRINTIS webshop, coloured adhesive discs are available in various designs. Depending on the intended use, the colour discs can be selected as identification points with the required diameter and colour scheme. All disc stickers of the category coloured adhesive discs have paper as carrier material and are designed as strongly adhesive disc stickers (adhesive: acrylate). As an alternative, our range in the SPRINTIS online shop includes coloured fabric adhesive discs.

  • One-sided strong adhesion / permanent adhesion
  • Glue: Acrylate
    • one-sided coating of the disc stickers with the adhesive
    • self-adhesive
  • Paper-adhesive discs
    • Carrier material paper
    • Paper thickness: 80 g/m²
  • Colourful design
  • Delivery on a roll of 1,000 stickers

How are marking discs stored?

Like other office materials, the colour coding labels can be stored without hesitation at normal room temperature (+20°C) and humidity (50% relative humidity). Usually, the used adhesive only gradually loses its adhesive strength after about one year after opening the package. Since we at SPRINTIS use only the highest quality materials, the original adhesive force (strongly adhering / permanently adhering) of the marking discs is usually retained much longer. Therefore, the colour discs can also be stocked. This is an enormous advantage, especially for the commercial sector, as the coloured adhesive discs can be used in many ways. Our product specialists will be happy to advise you in detail on every product from our company!

Special designs on customer request

Do you need marking discs in a specific colour or diameter? At SPRINTIS we make sure that the coloured adhesive discs are adapted exactly to customer requirements. To achieve this, we not only rely on precise processing and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, but also take specific requirements into account. This allows us to produce colour discs in exactly the size and colour scheme currently required by our customers' companies. Whether special printing, colour design matching the corporate design or the individually required colour coding - SPRINTIS is the contact for high-quality marking labels.

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