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The best solution for elegant closing and attachment in a nutshell: Transparent adhesive discs from SPRINTIS impress with their multifunctionality and they serve numerous purposes. Transparent adhesive discs are used, for example, for the professional sealing of letters, mailings, brochures and packaging. We offer these equally useful and reliable adhesive dots in various diameters, adhesive strengths and designs. Whether permanently adhesive as a long-term solution or quickly removable, individual adhesive discs are available in the shop in numerous variants.

Removable and permanently adhesive discs

We meet a multitude of daily and professional applications with proven variants: SPRINTIS offers removable and permanently adhesive transparent discs in numerous formats. This means that our customers always find the right product - either as a highly adhesive permanent solution or optimized for convenient opening. First, the required force of the adhesive (acrylate) is selected which will display all strongly or weakly adhering products. All transparent adhesive discs are made of high-quality and transparent PE or PP film. If, on the other hand, clearly recognizable coloured solutions are required for marking, then Coloured-adhesive-discs or Fabric-adhesive-discs will help.

What types of transparent adhesive discs does SPRINTIS offer?

SPRINTIS offers its customers a wide range of transparent adhesive discs in small, medium and large diameters. The different formats and quantities of adhesive discs per roll can be selected at the respective offer. All transparent adhesive discs adhere on one side. If required, double-sided adhesive discs are of course also available in the shop.

  • Round adhesive discs: transparent adhesive discs are available both removable and permanently adhesive. Our shop offers both types perforated and in graded diameters.
  • Multi-perforated adhesive dots with strong adhesive force complete the range of round adhesive discs.
  • Transparent strong adhesive discs for the tape gun E2025 are available perforated and non-perforated.
  • Our customers can purchase transparent and permanently adhesive labels with blackmark with a diameter of 25mm.
  • Adhesive discs with strap are only offered in the removable version. The roll contains 2,000 transparent labels with a diameter of 28mm.
  • Translucent adhesive discs made of paper: the plastic-free alternative to our film adhesive discs is available at our shop in perforated and non-perforated versions.

Functions of transparent adhesive discs

Those who want to close their products as elegantly and invisibly as possible should resort to transparent solutions from SPRINTIS. Rectangular and round transparent adhesive discs are suitable as a high-quality closure option for cartons, bags, letters, gifts or shipping bags. They are often used in tabber machines or automatic labelling machines as part of a fully automated processing system. The advantage: Transparent discs seal packaging attractively, efficiently and without any damage. Elaborate brochures are also visually enhanced when transparent labels are attached to the product. This type of closure is pleasing to the eyes and consequently leaves a positive impression with the recipient. Information sheets mark a further area of application, as they can be attached and fixed almost invisibly with the inconspicuous adhesive discs.

Buy transparent adhesive discs according to customer requirements

Elegant closing and attachment made easy: We are happy to take up customer requests and individual concerns, because there are hardly any limits with regard to the required dimensions. Our product specialists will be happy to advise you - for example, if a tailor-made edition is the optimum solution for an individual application. Together, we work out the implementation of the respective request. It should be noted that custom-made transparent adhesive discs are also available with extra printing. For example, we offer individual imprints by means of pad, screen or offset printing. Get detailed information about the various design options of transparent adhesive discs with and without perforation now! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll get to the bottom of every order to the complete satisfaction of all parties involved.