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Whether for marking, attachment, protecting or repairing: Fabric adhesive discs provide reliable service. Thanks to the combination of a strong adhesive (natural rubber) and a coated mesh material, fabric adhesive discs are ideal for use on rough and structured surfaces. Furthermore, the adhesive discs convince by their water-repellent properties, which make them the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. In the SPRINTIS online shop, we offer a large selection with round and square designs in various diameters. Depending on the intended use, our customers can also choose between coloured and more inconspicuous adhesive discs. For this purpose – and for all other questions – our product specialists will be happy to provide detailed advice!

Fabric adhesive discs, silver Fabric adhesive discs, silver
✓ different options available!
Fabric adhesive discs, white Fabric adhesive discs, white
✓ different options available!
Fabric adhesive discs, black Fabric adhesive discs, black
✓ different options available!
Fabric adhesive discs, red Fabric adhesive discs, red
✓ different options available!
Fabric adhesive discs, dark blue Fabric adhesive discs, dark blue
✓ different options available!
Fabric adhesive discs, green Fabric adhesive discs, green
✓ different options available!

What applications are fabric adhesive discs suitable for?

The fabric adhesive discs that we carry in the SPRINTIS range combine the best material properties that make them valuable for use in various industries. Thanks to the flexible mesh material, the adhesive discs prove to be particularly flexible and at the same time highly adhesive. They can be used even on rough surfaces without the adhesive products losing their force. They are particularly popular for use in printing companies, logistics, industry and retail. In addition, electricians, print processors, bookbinders, packaging manufacturers and companies in the agricultural sector, landscaping and gardening or in mechanical engineering will benefit in particular. Of course, there are countless other applications where the use of fabric adhesive discs makes sense. Because of their properties, these adhesive discs are ideal for attachment, marking, protecting and repairing. Application examples:

  • Protect/repair: Closure method, cable end fixation, membrane end gluing, covering during painting and varnishing work
  • Bonding/attaching: Attachment of routing slips to pallets, pallet cages or KLT containers, as well as transport and production slips
  • Coloured adhesive: Marking of goods, machines, cardboard boxes, tax seals, files, folders, documents; signal adhesive discs (e.g. in the context of masking edges and corners)

What are the product characteristics of the SPRINTIS fabric adhesive discs?

Fabric adhesive discs are both robust and flexible. In their coloured versions, they are ideal as signal adhesive discs thanks to their rich colours. As markers, they ensure maximum visibility. Another advantage: The fabric adhesive discs can be removed from most smooth and hard surfaces with virtually no residue.

  • Well suited for rough/structured surfaces
  • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Water-repellent
    • Temperature range: -35°C to +80°C
  • adhesive on one side
    • Adhesive: Natural rubber
    • Exact adhesive strength depends on the respective product and the substrate to be attached to
  • Carrier material: Mesh fabric, PE-coated
  • Cover: Glue paper

Do the fabric adhesive discs have to be stored specially?

Due to the material composition, the adhesive products are particularly robust and retain their adhesive properties and dimensional stability even at low or high temperatures. Storage at normal room temperature (approx. + 20°C at 50% relative humidity) is therefore absolutely unproblematic also in case of longer storage. A roll with adhesive discs can be stored for at least one year without any loss of quality. Since SPRINTIS only uses the highest quality standards, the fabric adhesive discs are also expected to last many times longer.

Which variants can I choose in the SPRINTIS online shop?

In the SPRINTIS online shop we offer a wide range of different designs. All products are delivered on rolls, unless otherwise specified. If, however, a special colour, size or material thickness is required for the specific application, we offer the option of a custom-made production of fabric adhesive discs. Our team of product specialists is happy to provide advice so that the right product can be manufactured for every industry and every purpose.

  • Coloured and subtle designs
  • Round or square
  • Various diameters
  • Different roll sizes

As an alternative to the fabric adhesive discs, coloured discs in the form of paper adhesives are available in the SPRINTIS online shop.