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Whether for mailings, advertising letters, sample or decoration attachments, signs, displays and advertising material – double-sided adhesive discs can be used universally and offer added value in practicality in the office, the workshop, in shop or exhibition stand construction. In the SPRINTIS Online Shop, we offer a large selection of double-sided adhesive discs, also with strap, in various sizes and thicknesses and made of various carrier materials. On request, we manufacture double-sided adhesive discs, which are precisely tailored to individual requirements and applications.

What applications are double-sided adhesive discs suitable for?

Double-sided adhesive discs are particularly versatile in their application. The ones benefiting from double-sided adhesive discs in particular are printing companies, print processors, bookbinders, packaging manufacturers, booth builders, shop fitters and all those responsible for the implementation of decoration, mailings and the like. Double-sided adhesive discs are ideal for temporary or permanent attachment, depending on the design. They are primarily intended for bonding light objects and not for resilient attachment. Unless otherwise stated, double-sided adhesive discs are not designed for high loads. In case of doubt, it is advisable to test whether the double-sided adhesive discs can carry the intended load.

  • Ideal for attaching or bonding of:
    • Product samples
    • Models
    • Advertising letters, cards or flyers
    • Mailings
    • Signs
    • Decoration
    • Displays
  • As a closure of:
    • Envelopes
    • Boxes
    • Outer packaging

Depending on the intended use, transparent adhesive discs or glue dots are a useful alternative or supplement.

Reliable double-sided adhesive discs: removable or permanently adherent

The term “double-sided adhesive” includes a large number of adhesive discs with the most varied properties. Both material – among others, various adhesives and carrier materials are used – and application purpose differ depending on the product selected. For a satisfactory adhesive effect, it is therefore essential to check whether the respective attachment type is suitable for the individual project. The adhesion or adhesive force is designed for bonding on smooth as well as roughened surfaces. In the SPRINTIS Online Shop, double-sided adhesive discs are available in the following variants:

  • weak adhesion / removable
  • strong adhesion / very strong adhesion or permanent adhesion
  • Combination: one side with strong adhesion and one with weak adhesion

Due to the sophisticated choice of material composition, all double-sided adhesive products in the SPRINTIS Online Shop – unless otherwise specified – have excellent resistance to ageing, temperature and UV radiation. Please pay attention to special handling instructions in the respective product description!

Double-sided adhesive discs: The range in the SPRINTIS online shop

For easier handling, the adhesive attachment options of the category “double-sided adhesive discs” are provided with a strap. PE foam adhesive discs are equipped with a PE foam padding or PE foam is used as a carrier material. Alternatively, depending on the application, the use of glue dots – padded silicone dots – may be suitable instead of PE foam adhesive discs. Furthermore, we use PET, tissue and pure acrylate as carrier materials for the double-sided adhesive discs. The double-sided adhesive discs are each supplied as a two-lane roll. Both diameter and number of pieces are selectable. The SPRINTIS range (strap available):

  • Double-sided adhesive discs manufactured according to your specifications
  • Double-sided PET adhesive discs, strong/strong
  • Double-sided PET adhesive discs, strong/weak
  • Double-sided PET adhesive discs, weak/weak
  • Double-sided tissue adhesive discs, strong/strong
  • Double-sided pure acrylate adhesive discs, 0.5mm thick, strong/strong
  • Double-sided pure acrylate adhesive discs, 1mm thick, thickness/strong
  • Double-sided PE foam adhesive discs, 1mm thick, strong/strong
  • Double-sided PE foam adhesive discs, 2mm thick, strong/strong
  • PE foam adhesive discs, 3mm thick, ø = 10mm, thick/strong

Double-sided adhesive discs according to customer requirements

The right double-sided adhesive discs are not included in our range? Permanent, removable, padded or wafer-thin – we produce custom-made double-sided adhesive discs from an order quantity of 50,000 pieces. Whether a special dimension or adhesive strength is required that has to be adapted to specific substrates – we have the right solution. SPRINTIS stands for the highest quality and produces exactly the double-sided adhesive discs that meet the respective requirements. Our product specialists will be happy to advise you and present all options to you.