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Welcome to SPRINTIS Schenk GmbH & Co. KG

SPRINTIS Schenk GmbH & Co KG is a family-run business based in Würzburg, Lower Franconia. It meets all customer needs in the area of printing and advertising, from binding screws to marketing material accessories. The range of more than 3,000 products is perfected by the made to order or custom printed versions that are available for many of the products on request.


SPRINTIS NewsNews archive

13.11.2017 | SPRINTIS MagPad, the magnetic cutting protection strips
Magnetic cutting protection strips protect sensitive materials during the further processing in the stack paper cutter. They have a balancing effect on uneven clippings. The magnetic pads are easy to fix on the press bar of the cutting machine.
30.10.2017 | Expansion of our assortment of C-pockets

C-pockets are perfect to inform about escape plans, news and much more. They are easy to attach by two stripes of adhesive tape or four double-sided adhesive discs. You will find them in formats  A3, A4, A5, A6 as well as A7 in our shop.

23.10.2017 | Pen holders with flat elastic loop in new colours
16.10.2017 | Dics with blackmark

Perfect for Christmas greetings and mailings are adhesive discs with blackmark. These discs can be used by a labeling device. You will find these dots with a diameter of 25 mm on a roll with 10,000 or 15,000 pieces in our shop. They can be simply opened because they are perforated.

09.10.2017 | Extension in the category snap frames

The range of snap frames has been extensively extended. The category "Advertising and promo items" includes a variety of frames in standard formats from B2 to A1 with rounded or mitred corners.

02.10.2017 | Stand-up bags now available

With the new stand-up bags, food and animals feed are safely packaged. The bags are available in many different variants and sizes and can be used extremely flexibly thanks to the zip lock.

18.09.2017 | ID-cards accessories

The time of trade fairs, meetings and conferences start now. You will find lanyards in different colours and closures (rotating metal hooks, bull dog clip, carabiner clip) and badge reels for meetings, conferencse or seminars in the category ID-cards accessories.

Welcome in our team!
04.09.2017 | Welcome in our team!

We are pleased to welcome six new apprentices in our SPRINTIS Family. Official start of the apprenticeship was September 1st. Our apprentices spent this day with an introductory tour of the company and a kick off event in Oberhof together with the apprentices of the 2nd year.

14.08.2017 | Double-sided adhesive discs made of acrylic foam are available as best price option now

The discs have a material thickness of 0.5 mm with a diameter of 15 mm or 20 mm. You will find this best price product as roles with 1,000 or 3,000 pieces in our online shop.

07.08.2017 | New colours available

Pen holders for thin pens with flat elastic loop are available in red, mid blue, dark blue and grey now.