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Data strips test kit Data strips test kit
✓ different options available!
Data strips DBR, self-adhesive Data strips DBR, self-adhesive
✓ different options available!
Data strips ANT for wooden shelves Data strips ANT for wooden shelves
✓ different options available!
Data strips KE for wire baskets Data strips KE for wire baskets
✓ different options available!
Data strips GLS for glass shelves Data strips GLS for glass shelves
✓ different options available!
Insert strip for data strips Insert strip for data strips
✓ different options available!
Data strips | Custom-made Data strips | Custom-made
✓ different options available!
Shelf labels, A4 sheet Shelf labels, A4 sheet
✓ different options available!

Data strips for pricing and product display

A supermarket has thousands of products in its assortment. An easy, uncomplicated and fast solution for pricing and product display is critical for an efficient operation. That is why data strips are being used for product display in almost every store.

The price rails display important information, such as product name, price, sales unit and basic rate. Depending on the amount of information, the price rails need to be wider or longer in order to provide enough space to the price labels.

Data strips are also used in storage areas. They support flexible and clear warehousing and convince in order picking by simply scanning the storage area.

Benefits of data strips

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to the use of data strips. Some of them are the following:

  • quick exchange of price labels
  • easy and uncomplicated handling
  • sufficient space for standardized product labelling
  • easy installation and dismantling
  • flexible due to different attachment systems
  • adaptable to any design due to the large variety
  • long lifetime

Data strips in different variation

We offer PVC data strips in different variations:

  • Data strips DBR, self-adhesive (optionally with grip edge)
  • Data strips HE for shelves without front trough, self-adhesive
  • Data strips TE for Tegometal shelves, for clamping
  • Data strips LS for Linde, Storebest and Tegometal shelves, for clamping
  • Data strips, magnetic
  • Data strips ANT for wooden and metal shelves, for clamping
  • Data strips GLS for glass shelves, for clamping
  • Data strips DBD, as extension to data strips, self-adhesive

Fleece adhesive is used for our self-adhesive data strips. This ensures permanent adhesion on smooth surfaces and is therefore ideal for use in retail.

Depending on offered variation you can choose from different designs concerning length, height and colour.

Data strips DBR, self-adhesive

Data and price strips DBR are the standard rails for all shelves and are used in almost all retail outlets. At SPRINTIS we offer you these classic data strips as a self-adhesive variant in various heights ranging from 18 mm to 60 mm and various lengths ranging from 54 mm to 1250 mm. In addition, you can choose between the colours grey, white and transparent. That way, you’ll always find the practical price rails in the right size and colour for your price labels.

Data strips HE, self-adhesive

If you use shelves without a front channel, you are at the right place with the self-adhesive HE price rails from SPRINTIS. The HE data strips in the usual length of 90 mm are available in a transparent design. If you prefer the HE price rails with a length of 1000 mm, you can choose between the colours white and transparent.

Data strips TE, for clamping

We also offer the right price rails for the popular shelves with metal shelves. Our TE scanner rails are ideally suited for use on Tegometall shelves, as they are simply attached to the Tegometall shelves. This variant is available in a transparent and white version and in different lengths ranging from 990 mm to 1320 mm.

Data strips LS, for clamping

The data strips LS are ideal for Linde, Storebest and Tegometall shelves. The installation by simply plugging it on is very easy and can be done at two different angles of inclination. We offer the LS data strips in the colours white and transparent and in different lengths ranging from 990 mm to 1320 mm.

Data strips, magnetic

Magnetic data strips are best suited for the use on metal shelves in both retail and wholesale. The magnetic price rails can also be attached quickly in the storage area and can be removed just as quickly and, above all, without leaving any residue. You can use the data strips flexibly and exchange them at any time. We offer the price rails with a practical magnetic back in a transparent design and in various lengths ranging from 75 mm to 1000 mm.

Data strips DBD, self-adhesive, as an extension to the data strips

The DBD data strips in combination with other data strips is perfect for doubling your labelling area at a later date. The DBD data strip is attached by simply sticking it on and used together with another data strip as a double scanning rail. The price rails are available in the colours white and transparent in the common dimensions 39 x 1000 mm in our shop.

Custom-made data strips

If you cannot find the right data strips in our standard range, we offer you the option of ordering custom-made price rails. You have a large selection of different sizes, colours, adhesives and magnetic tapes. Special lengths or special profiles can also be offered. Our customer advisors will be happy to help you choose the right price bracket for your individual needs.

The SPRINTIS data strips configurator

Use our product configurator for custom-made products for your individual request. With the help of the data strip configurator, you can put together the design of the self-adhesive DBR price rails exactly according to your needs. You can choose from different profile heights between 18 and 60 mm. The price rails are available in the popular colours white and transparent.

The length is between 40 mm and 1,500 mm, without fixed steps, freely selectable by the millimetre. The product configurator determines the price of the desired data strip and the expected delivery time. The price depends on the selected length. Using the configurator, you can easily send us your order with all the relevant information.

Insert strips for data strips

We also have insert strips for data strips in our range. If you wish to colour-code your data strips, e.g., to make promotions even more eye-catching, then our data strip inserts are the right choice for you.

Reasonably priced data strips

At SPRINTIS you will find data strips for every need and in different designs. You don't know which data strip is the right one for your purpose? Then our data strip test kit could be the right article for you, here all of our 12 different data strips are included. Our price labelling range is supplemented by wobblers, display pockets and sign clips.
Access now and benefit from the availability of large quantities and fast delivery.