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Self-healing cutting mat in the SPRINTIS range

The term self-healing cutting mat describes the ability of the products to let cuts – for example with the well-known rolling cutters – heal themselves by closing them again quickly. After cutting, traces of use are hardly, if at all, visible. This is possible because high-quality cutting mats consist of several layers of plastic: The hardest plastic is in the middle of the cutting mats, softer layers are placed on the front and back of the protective cutting surfaces. Softer plastics have the useful property of sealing – and thus healing themselves.

High-quality cutting mats of different sizes protect the blades through this typical layering. At the same time, they ensure that the table or the respective work surface does not receive any cutting marks because the cutter or the tool used does not reach the surface under the mat. Since the cutting mat repairs itself, it can be reused very often if handled properly. Its long-term resilience is therefore considered a major plus point. SPRINTIS stocks self-healing cutting mats in tried-and-tested designs and versions, so the shop offers solutions for numerous applications.

Selectable sizes and formats

In everyday work, cutting mats of different sizes are needed again and again. The available work surface plays just as important a role as the activity that is carried out on the mat.

The popular 60x90cm (A1) cutting mat is commonly used. Its dimensions provide generous space for a wide range of activities. The A2 or A3 cutting mat is recommended when space is limited and the work does not require extensive movements. When visiting the SPRINTIS online shop, customers can of course choose from various sizes and formats. Whether it's a large cutting mat or a smaller protective surface for limited work areas – a look at the tried and tested range from SPRINTIS will lead to the perfect solution.

  • Cutting mats A0
  • Cutting mats A1
  • Cutting mats A2
  • Cutting mats A3
  • Custom-made products

Note: As a general rule, you will find that cutting and sewing work, for example, require a little more space than is assumed in advance. Those who are not entirely sure should opt for the larger version. Compare and choose now.

Extensive range of professional cutting mats in the SPRINTIS online shop

  • Our cutting mats convince not only through maximum functionality, but also through their equally advantageous and professional appearance in green/black or grey/black. In these proven colour schemes, the top side is kept in green or grey, while the bottom side features the colour black.

  • In order to provide the respective user with ideal support for cutting work, handicrafts or sewing, the models feature helpful divisions and scales. Printed centimetre divisions can be found on the mats. Ideally visible lines serve as orientation and help in regard to precision. Sewers use this visual support when measuring and cutting fabrics, they are an essential aid for many craft techniques and work steps.

  • The range also includes cutting mats that can be used on both sides. Universal cutting mats are characterised by the fact that both sides have a grid to optimise the workflow.

  • All models available in the online shop have a non-slip character. They enable precise work steps to be carried out without distraction because they are robust and reliable.

  • The SPRINTIS range also includes cutting surfaces with a self-healing surface for cutter knives and roller cutters. The respective product information provides concrete tips for different applications.

  • We also offer XXL cutting surfaces measuring 150 x 100 and 200 x 100cm to protect entire tables. This allows for extensive activities without damaging the table underneath.

  • Cutting mats to size: Upon consultation, custom-made products are also available from the large format 90 x 60cm. We are happy to take customer requests into account.

Office supplies to facilitate work processes

In addition to qualitative cutting mats for the workplace or office, the SPRINTIS online shop includes other useful products that facilitate work processes. The wide range of office supplies includes, for example, laminating foils, rubber bands or zipper bags. With the optimal equipment for the workplace, tasks are not only easier, but also more efficient and thus save time. The optimal workflow needs the right equipment

Buy cutting mats online at a reasonable price

Whether cutting mats in large or small, inexpensive products offered by SPRINTIS are sure to include the right format. Graduated prices guarantee an attractive deal for purchasers of larger quantities – the price per mat ordered is reduced as the number of items increases. Purchase on invoice is also possible.
Buy now and have your favourite cutting mat conveniently delivered within a very short time.