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What different variants of name badge holders exist?

SPRINTIS has name badge holders made of acrylic, hard PCV and magnetic name badge holders in its range. These can be attached to clothing in different ways. SPRINTIS offers name badge holders with the following attachment solutions:

  • Self adhesive
  • To lanyards
  • With needle and clip
  • Magnetically attached

Name badge holders with magnetic badge

Name badge holders with magnet have decisive advantages over the other versions. They protect the clothes. The magnet does not destroy fibers. At the same time a high wearing comfort is guaranteed, since magnetic name badge holders do not slip. The name badge holders with magnetic badge from the SPRINTIS Shop are attached to the clothing using two neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are considered super magnets that are many times stronger than normal magnets. Thanks to the two-disc magnets made of neodymium, a name badge holder with magnetic badge can be attached anywhere on clothing. Even use with slightly thicker fabric is no problem. Name badge holders with magnetic badge have an outer format of 90 x 58mm and come with a printable sheet. A print template for the printable sheet is also available in the SPRINTIS Shop. After creating the desired print, such as the company name, logo, names and functions of employees or attendees of a convention, the paper can be easily cut to size and attached to the name badge holder. The content can be exchanged at any time, so that name badge holders with magnetic badge are also suitable for repeated use.

Name badge holders in different sizes

Name badge holders are usually available in different sizes. One of the most common formats is that of check and business cards. In the SPRINTIS Shop you will find badge holders with magnet or clip in the formats 90 x 58mm or 75 x 40mm. If required, however, a special order is also possible. You can not only choose the format, but also the film thickness, design, attachment option (e.g. name badges with magnet) and of course the number of units.

Name badge holders with combi clip

Name badge holders with combi clip are attached to the clothing using a needle or clip. Unlike with name badge holders with magnet badge, sensitive clothing can be crumpled or even damaged if you are not careful. Name badge holders with combi clip can be found in the magnet shop in the formats 75 x 40mm and 90 x 58mm. Both sizes come with a printable sheet, for which a print template is available in the magnet shop. Just like the name badge holders with magnet badge, the labels can be exchanged, and the name badge holder reused.

Name badge holders at conferences, fairs and others

Especially at trade fairs, most companies equip their employees on site with practical name badges. Visitors to a trade fair stand know who they are talking to and can establish a more personal relationship with the company. Name badge holders are not only a useful addition to trade fairs, but also to conferences. For example, when experts from the same field come together, it's nice to know who's in front of you. The situation is similar for events of large multi-site companies. Here, not everyone knows everyone. In this case, name badges can help your employees to avoid unpleasant situations when repeatedly asking for a name. Whether meeting, trade fair, training, course, conference or seminar: Name badge holders with magnet badge or combi clip prove useful in many situations and are a cost-effective way for companies or organizers to simplify matters at large events.

On which side should you wear the name badge?

If the question arises as to which side the name badge should be affixed to, unity is the most important guideline. Overall, it has been proven to attach the name badge on the right side of the clothing. This has a very simple reason: As you greet and shake someone’s right hand, your glance often goes up to the face automatically, brushing the name badge. A quick glance upwards already reveals all the important information to the other person, while a name badge on the left side often remains undetected. However, to appear unified, it is most important that all employees attach the name badge to the clothing on the same side. Men should not wear the name badge on the tie, for women the neckline is a taboo.